The Place Beyond The Pines


The Place Beyond The Pines

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    Although flawed, I loved this, easily one of the best films of the year.

    Posted 22:26 | Fri 29th Mar 2013
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    I really liked this film. It's clearly divided into three parts, but all of them add up to one very satisfying cinematic experience.

    Posted 14:29 | Sat 13th Apr 2013
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    Why is this not showing up in the film listings for any cinema even though it was meant ot be released last friday it is not being shown anywhere that i can see????

    Posted 09:24 | Mon 15th Apr 2013
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    Posted 10:13 | Mon 15th Apr 2013
  • View Profile for The ViewerThe Viewer

    It is like three stories in the one film. It is entertaining but I'm not sure Gosling has that on-screen presence. When he robs a bank his voice is more like a high pitched squeal. Maybe the narrative is too ambitious by trying to encompass the three stories (as I see it) and slightly overlong. But on balance I would recommend it.

    Posted 19:34 | Sun 21st Apr 2013

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