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    The Master is the second-best film I've seen this year (the other being The Dark Knight Rises). Utterly hypnotic. Go see.

    Posted 11:40 | Sat 17th Nov 2012
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    Great acting by Joaquin Phoenix & Philip Seymour Hoffman but its a strange movie. In the end I was disappointed by it.

    Posted 16:12 | Mon 19th Nov 2012
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    I was very much looking forward to this film but, alas, I was to be disappointed. As the review says, it never quite connects. The repellent characters are not the problem - Daniel Plainview was hardly likeable, and yet he was mesmerising; the problem, for me, was that the film didn't delve deep enough into the tricks and deceptions of a manipulator like the Dodd character, nor did it convincingly explore the destructive forces in the Freddie character. Cinematography and score were good, but the film was overlong and failed to engage. 3/5

    Posted 16:34 | Fri 23rd Nov 2012
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    A classic. Phoenix is frighteningly brilliant. Thank God there are Directors like Anderson who continue to make difficult, challenging cinema like this. You owe it to yourself to see this.

    Posted 22:41 | Fri 23rd Nov 2012
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    DID not like it , could not care for characters in the movie

    Posted 19:29 | Sat 24th Nov 2012
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    I must be missing something with this director, There Will Be Blood left me cold and The Master could have the sub-title There Will Be a Bored Audience. Or is that it? Is the movie so intelligent its meant to provoke irritation and confusion in the viewer? I felt the movie went in circles as we see repeated scenes of Freddie Quell undergoing therapy or we see his explosive volatile temper as he lashes out as a customer in a department store or a disciple of The Master who dares to mutter misgivings about him. Some of the scenes are ludicrous when Seymour Hoffman is regaling his followers with a version of The Rover and all the ladies appear nude. The scene where he breaks in to A Slow Boat to China is cringe worthy. Like I said this movie got under my skin and I did not enjoy it. By the way, if I could understand what the Freddie character was saying it might have enhanced my appreciation of this film immeasurably.

    Posted 16:34 | Sat 1st Dec 2012

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