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    The Lucky One is the latest Hollywood adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks book. While The Notebook and Dear John had their own moments of powerful emotion, The Lucky One is weak and diluted in comparison. A rather simple and straightforward story, it follows the journey of a US marine (Zac Efron) whose life is saved when he's distracted by a photo in the rubble of (presumably) war-torn Iraq. He tracks down the woman in the photo and after some initial hesitation, they gradually fall for each other (of course). Meanwhile, an interfering ex who doesn't respect boundaries threatens to break up this idyllic romance... Efron is a likeable lead, but the film really belongs to newcomer Taylor Schilling. She's an interesting actress and if she can find more meaty material to work with, then she should have a good film career. There is some chemistry between her and Efron, but any heat in the love scenes is dissipated by the need to pander to a lower rating. The ending neatly ties up loose ends, but doesn't leave any lasting impact. The Lucky One is watchable, but it's a clear case of a film that never really digs deep into your heart. It mostly scratches the surface instead, something that no genuine love story should do.

    Posted 23:04 | Wed 2nd May 2012
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    @Filmbuff, for a devout movie fan you have far too many guilty pleasures!! Loving movies doesnt mean you go and see just any old crap, especially when you know its going to be rubbish in advance. Like pretty much 7/10 flics that are Hollywood related.Id rather not have an opinion that waste hours and dosh watching the continuous stream of nonsense filling our cinemas mot weeks.

    Posted 13:41 | Thu 3rd May 2012
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    Well, I pretty much see nearly everything. I'll always go to a horror film, even if it's rubbish like The Devil Inside. Like Ed Wood, I just love movies... I think Ed Wood and I would share a lot of guilty pleasures ;)

    Posted 21:00 | Thu 3rd May 2012
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    Besides, I get films virtually for free on my Cineworld Unlimited card. I use it 10 - 15 times a month, meaning that I get 10 or more films for free. That way, I can afford to see mediocre films like The Lucky One.

    Posted 21:03 | Thu 3rd May 2012
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    At least the Unlimited card is a half decent excuse. :-) I love movies too but ive learned to draw the line over the last couple of years. There is just too much crap out there. Finding a korean thriller on ebay for 3 quid plus postage would give me 100 times the thrill i have to say.

    Posted 16:26 | Fri 4th May 2012
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    I draw the line at Adam Sandler films, unless he's playing serious like in Punch Drunk Love.

    Posted 12:03 | Sat 5th May 2012
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    I enjoyed this film Zac Effron plays a great part in this and he's dreamy which adds to it . Recommend people to see it

    Posted 16:19 | Fri 18th May 2012
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    Mike....who ate all of your love cake?!

    Posted 19:43 | Sat 19th May 2012

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