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  • View Profile for LinzLinz

    Cannot wait for this!!!!!!

    Posted 12:14 | Mon 16th May 2011
  • View Profile for pampam

    Hopefully it will be as funny as the first one. Really good comedies are few and far between. Cant wait to see it.

    Posted 23:42 | Thu 19th May 2011
  • View Profile for LorraineLorraine

    Can't wait to see this, nearly wet myself laughing at the first ono...

    Posted 11:35 | Fri 20th May 2011
  • View Profile for GhallGhall

    Can't wait. Looks great

    Posted 18:52 | Mon 23rd May 2011
  • View Profile for woodsiniwoodsini

    this film is such a i know how my parents felt when i was born.

    Posted 21:26 | Fri 27th May 2011
  • View Profile for rrrr

    dis film rocks, funny as d first one, must see.

    Posted 18:55 | Sat 28th May 2011
  • View Profile for stephaniestephanie

    The film is no were near as good as the first one, but there are afew laughs

    Posted 16:58 | Mon 30th May 2011
  • View Profile for CiaraCiara

    Nothing very original but good fun and lots of laughs

    Posted 19:18 | Mon 30th May 2011
  • View Profile for EdelEdel

    Obviously not as good as the first one, and a major disappointment when Liam Neeson wasn't in it!!!!!!

    Posted 09:55 | Tue 31st May 2011
  • View Profile for iwanabeeriwanabeer

    serious case of déjà vu but as still better than a lot of crap comedies being realeased at the moment

    Posted 08:23 | Wed 1st Jun 2011
  • View Profile for donnchadonncha

    Mike Tyson. Do not sing. Again. Ever!

    Posted 09:35 | Thu 2nd Jun 2011
  • View Profile for chellchell

    People will think i have no sense of humor but this movie... Such a LET DOWN!!! Big time. I heard it was better than the first one.. so i was expecting to laugh all the way through, or infact my ribs hurt a bit???? but 20 minutes scrolled by and i did not laugh ONCE! I had to ask my friend was it me?? or this film!! I was told.. ''it'l get funny soon'' !!! zzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ i didn't even want to ask 'how soon'! But i will say i cried with laughter at someone elses LAUGH than i did at this movie. I laughed thinking what could happen next to what DID happen next! I heard there making a part 3 already the script has being wrote out? I really think they should STOP!! Mr chow and Alan made this movie and not forgetting the little moneky. If they were not in this, i probably would have walked!! Same storyline but in a different county with a few mixed up pieces here and there!! I don't recommend this movie at all. But some people might in face love this!!

    Posted 13:41 | Sat 4th Jun 2011
  • View Profile for chellchell

    Domncha - HA HA HA HA mike tyson should never ever sing!! What the hell like!!

    Posted 13:42 | Sat 4th Jun 2011
  • View Profile for XlindaXXlindaX

    One word, BRILLIANT. I laughed 'til i cried. Obviously it was never going to be easy to make a follow-up to part 1 but they definitely did it justice and if they do make a part 3 i can't wait to see it! All in all, a must-see movie. :)

    Posted 16:52 | Mon 6th Jun 2011
  • View Profile for callumcallum

    i am going to this movie to night and to be honest i am not expecting it to be better than the first movie but i just love the idea of the storyline! Alan is my favourite character ever i just find him hilarious and stu, my favourite memory of him in the first movie is when phil is in the car outside the house and shouts in PAGING DOCTOR f**got. overall expecting a funny movie.

    Posted 20:43 | Sat 11th Jun 2011
  • View Profile for SpoonheadSpoonhead

    This film is awful. Its like eating reheated Christmas Turkey - at Easter. Avoid it at all costs.

    Posted 14:32 | Sun 12th Jun 2011
  • View Profile for AshAsh

    this film still has funny moments but overall disappointing and a real let down. it's plot is too similar to the first one as well .

    Posted 23:31 | Sun 12th Jun 2011
  • View Profile for andrear.11andrear.11

    If you liked the first you'll enjoy the second. it is repetitive but it is still one of the funniest this year!!

    Posted 16:55 | Mon 13th Jun 2011
  • View Profile for Lisa34Lisa34

    Fantastic movie - Better than the first - watched it with my husband, we both loved it - highly recommended

    Posted 13:38 | Wed 15th Jun 2011
  • View Profile for mell61mell61

    Absolute rubbish, a waste of 2 hours of my life!

    Posted 16:33 | Wed 15th Jun 2011
  • View Profile for kelly.Tkelly.T

    didnt find it as good as the first part... alan makes this film, he's so funny ha

    Posted 22:10 | Thu 16th Jun 2011
  • View Profile for rosebudrosebud

    Wish I hadn't wasted my time with this crap. First one it most definitely is not!

    Posted 18:21 | Fri 17th Jun 2011
  • View Profile for ted29ted29

    This is an awful movie in comparison to the breath of fresh air that was the first. The entire plot is just moved from one country to another. And that is it. There are 2, maybe 3 laughs. It was slaughtered on rotten tomatoes. If you liked this you are either 12, a complete moron or were smoking dope when you were in the theatre!!!

    Posted 14:15 | Tue 21st Jun 2011
  • View Profile for ruairihruairih

    it wasnt as god as the original, but most sequels never are, i like how it was the same plot but in a different place, its like die hard 2, "how can the same s**t happen to the same guy twice". Dont know if they could pull the same trick for part 3 though. It was funny and entertaining, thats all that matters with comedies.

    Posted 23:01 | Sun 26th Jun 2011
  • View Profile for daviddavid

    I just watched it.., for me it was a perfect summer comedy.. Though the plot of the hangover 2 is similar to the original movie but its story line is quite different., the movie has number of unexpected turns ,which makes it more funny.. Want to njoy ur weekend just go for it..

    Posted 12:22 | Sat 9th Jul 2011
  • View Profile for spikeprintspikeprint

    Not one single laugh from this turd of a movie. Avoid, it's barely worth a single star.

    Posted 20:48 | Thu 10th Nov 2011

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