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  • View Profile for Happy ChappyHappy Chappy

    I want to see this.

    Posted 15:50 | Wed 23rd Mar 2011
  • View Profile for LindaLinda

    Me too!!

    Posted 17:46 | Wed 23rd Mar 2011
  • View Profile for RachelRachel

    ore homoerotic than Alexander crossed with that volleyball scene in Top Gun- Thats my favorite sentence in a movie review ever.

    Posted 13:55 | Thu 31st Mar 2011
  • View Profile for ClariceClarice

    Really enjoyed watching it! Love that kind of movies, a little bit of action, a lot of wild, beautiful landscapes, and this "thing" between Marcus and Esca... Plus nice to watch grown up Billy Elliot" :)

    Posted 13:49 | Fri 8th Apr 2011
  • View Profile for noelnoel

    Such a let down from an interesting director, its so slight that i thought at one point it was going to disappear completely into the beauty of the wilderness which is one of two things this movie has going for it, the other being nice to see some scots irish spoken in a movie, Tatum totally miscast and what the hell was going on with Mark Strong? Mis casting at its worst, file under oh well, must do better next time.

    Posted 14:42 | Tue 12th Apr 2011

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