The Call


The Call

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    Great thriller, drop an iPhone run into trouble, smash a Samsung your dead meat.

    Posted 06:55 | Thu 19th Sep 2013
  • View Profile for philphil

    this is not a good movie... it a great movie. i enjoyed so much and so did my daughters

    Posted 15:36 | Thu 19th Sep 2013
  • View Profile for shellbell89shellbell89

    Brilliant film.... You really get caught up in it as if you were really there! Hopefully they'll be a number 2. i'll be first in line to see how it turns out

    Posted 15:45 | Wed 25th Sep 2013
  • View Profile for EvieEvie

    Really good trashy fun!

    Posted 14:40 | Sun 29th Sep 2013
  • View Profile for TomboyTomboy

    Super Movie, really enjoyed.

    Posted 12:11 | Mon 30th Sep 2013

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