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    Matt Damon is and was great for the part. I don't know what his problem is, he doesn't even show up for Jimmy Kimmel's Show. Same goes for Jodi Foster and Silence of the Lambs sequels. Type cast? Not enough money? I want to be more well rounded. I don't know. But the Borne series are great, action, romance, action story line. That's what I go for and that's what I got. The new Bourne fresh out of the Hurt Locker, he's good and believable. Nice that they brought prior characters in as well. Don't mess with success. I'll be back, just don't try to put Matt in you mind as you're watching and it's just fine four stars.

    Posted 05:47 | Sat 11th Aug 2012
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    Having seen none of the Bourne movies, I have no idea what the story is with Damon not doing this one, but in relation to Jodie Foster, I would imagine she turned down Hannibal after reading the laugh-out-loud Itchy-and-Scratchy inspired joke of a script!

    Posted 02:58 | Tue 14th Aug 2012
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    Matt Damon said that he would only do a fourth Bourne film if his director, Paul Greengrass, was involved as well. As Greengrass passed on the fourth film, so did Damon. The Bourne Legacy is a reasonable title though. It's all about what happens in the wake of Jason Bourne's actions in Ultimatum - hence his legacy. I'm not sure how there'll be a fifth film...

    Posted 19:10 | Wed 15th Aug 2012
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    I left a comment earlier, I will not do that again making it sound good. This had everything going for it. Bourne films that were already great. A leading actor (even if it wasn't Matt Damon) that could have carried the film, but the story line (or lack of one) was so convoluted I fell asleep, actually one of the theater attendants had to tell me it was over and go home. I think the film might have been going to video as I walked to my car. What were they thinking? I guess when the story line runs out, it's time to call it a day. That's what's happening here. I'd rather watch grass grow.

    Posted 03:24 | Thu 16th Aug 2012
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    Went to a special screening and what a load of rubbish...lost the plot completely. It is disjointed and so far fetched with over the top action scenes. Just look at the spectators in the background watching the filming. Bit like the James Bond car chase in Fremont Street in Las Vagas where all were standing round. Then there is the ending...probably the best part of the film...I got to go home. Rating out of 10 lucky to make 3. I saw it for free and glad I didn't have to waste any of my money doing so.

    Posted 07:53 | Thu 16th Aug 2012
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    I found the film jumped around a bit too much, but having said that, I did enjoy it. I though Weiss was good, and sure whats not to love about Jeremy Renner :) I do think it was left wide open for another film, but if they do make one, I hope they do it right, and not just to cash in on the franchise.

    Posted 17:16 | Sat 18th Aug 2012
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    Thought the movie was great and renner was brilliant Matt who?? Ha

    Posted 00:05 | Tue 21st Aug 2012
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    good movie.and I love it.Do you feel so alone when the darkness covered your house?do you wanna some guy that can always cares about you to company with you?well come to c_o_u_g_a_r_s_t_e_r_c_o_m! it will let your dream come true! jjy4gfgthrh

    Posted 09:16 | Thu 23rd Aug 2012
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    The Bourne Requiem - it's over, this RUBBISH will infuriate you to the point of migraine. Terrible in almost every aspect, a huge let-down; if it was an action thriller in it's own right there's too little action, too many 'nail-biting' scenes you know he will escape your nails are safe! Contrary to other reviews the plot is bone idle simple. Renner and Weiz do a fine job with the boring script, endless CCTV he's here, there, who cares. If you spend a tenner on this you deserve to suffer...right through to the appalling ending. Well done Gilroy boys - you killed the franchise.

    Posted 22:59 | Thu 23rd Aug 2012
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    Jeremy Rayner what can I say he did an amazing job - Matt Damon made Bourne but Jeremy put a new spark to the film that got me interested - it wasnt a repeat of the previous movies which seems to happen alot - I loved it

    Posted 15:07 | Sat 1st Sep 2012
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    It's been a disappointing summer for the blockbusters. Unfortunately The Bourne Legacy is no exception. Legacy attempts to pick up from where the excellent Bourne Ultimatum left us, beginning with the end scene of Jason Bourne floating in the water, and attempts, as the Bourne Ultimatum did, to interweave a couple of scenes from the previous movie, Bourne Supremacy, to tie the plot strings altogether. Unfortunately the attempt is less successful here. As the story unfolds it appears there is more Theadstone type projects running. The events of Ultimatum leads Eric Byer, head of some of these operations, to shut down the remaining ones. And when we say shut down, we mean killing all agents and anyone who has been involved in the projects. Jeremy Renner plays Aaron Cross, one of the Bourne-type agents, training in Alaska. All agents but Cross is wiped out, and he attempts to find out why. Also he is dependent on pills. Rachel Weisz plays a doctor in one of the labs where Cross has been “tested” and given his pills. He’s no more of one of them. So Cross locates her, who herself is the survivor of her workmates being exterminated, and they head to Manila to get more pills. Sounds boring and convoluted? That’s because it is. This is Bourne-lite. To me it seems to have been an attempt by people who just aren’t as talented as Paul Grenngrass and Matt Damon to re-create a Bourne movie, and they just can’t cut the mustard. Tom Gilroys’ directing is solid enough, with some shaky hand held camera work for those Bournesque action scenes, which are few and far between. The pace, especially for a Bourne movie, is slow. Where’s the tension? I was on the edge of my seat for the Waterloo scene in the Bourne Ultimatum. There is a lot of plot, which is at best, head-scratching. We had to look up on the internet why he was taking the pills, it was never really confirmed in the movie. And it’s not a movie about who Aaron Cross is, it becomes about him tracking down the pills he needs. Even the characters explanations, when they come, don’t end up really being explanations. Who again is Ed Nortons’ character? Huh? And unfortunately Jeremy Renner is no Matt Damon. There’s just no personality in his Aaron Cross, and no mystery about him. You never make any connection with the character. Ed Norton seems to stick out like a sore thumb, it left me and my fellow viewer wondering what made this picky actor choose to be a part of this. Rachel Weisz plays her part with some depth, but it’s all very predictable, we know what’s coming. Kudos to the locations team on the movie, the locations and some shots of the movie is spectacular, especially the locations set at beginning. I never thought the idea of doing another Bourne movie without Greengrass and Damon would work, and I was proven right. Easily the weakest Bourne movie.

    Posted 04:25 | Sun 2nd Sep 2012
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    It''s a major surprise to see much negative criticism of this movie. It''s a good pacey story and moves along nicely giving another angle on how to get the cat back in the bag that Jason Bourne let out. Rachel Weisz is on top form as ever and I believe she outshines Renner''s performance, yet he does okay. Where is the difficulty with understanding the story? Why do so many want Renner to be Matt Damon? Cimema goers to this movie, somehow must have guessed it was going to be somewhat different. I''ve seen the Greengrass trilogy a few times and always enjoyed them. The music too is a character in itself and adds to the agility of what became known simply in it''s name, "Bourne." That''s what is missing in the Legacy. Yet it''s a good movie and worth watching.

    Posted 18:11 | Wed 5th Sep 2012
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    I thought that it was a great film. I know everyone wants to see Matt Damon, but I enjoyed having the whole story fleshed out as it was in this film. It was nice to see another agent in action with a different personality, and maybe not a bad idea to give Jason Bourne a rest for this movie. I am sure that he is hiding out somewhere and that we will see him again sometime soon. Very well acted and put together I have to say.

    Posted 08:17 | Sat 8th Sep 2012
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    I was surprised how much negativity this film got too. Glad I went to see it for myself. It's maybe not as slick as the previous ones but it's not a bad film by any means. Better than a lot of the twaddle that gets released these days. Really liked the Renner/Weisz combination and felt they worked well together. Also Ed Norton is really good in it. I'd be happy to watch the next instalment. Bring it on.

    Posted 23:01 | Mon 10th Sep 2012
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    DON'T MIND all the naysayers i thought it was a great movie DESPITE expecting a bad one, ok it wasn't Matt Damon but get over it

    Posted 10:56 | Wed 12th Sep 2012
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    i was all set to go and drop $20+ on this tomorrow. I was sadly mistaken that this movie would follow the book written by Robert Ludlums friend Eric VanLustbader. The book is about Jason's children most of all his son and I haven't heard one review speak of that. Sounds like the movie didn't follow that plot at all. I think I can wait for it to show up at Redbox or on Netflix.

    Posted 08:32 | Fri 21st Sep 2012
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    Waste of money!

    Posted 00:31 | Sat 22nd Sep 2012

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