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    Ken Loach's latest film is in a similar vein to Looking For Eric but while that film was enjoyably amusing, The Angels' Share relies more on its scruffy Scottish charm but ultimately doesn't really work. The story focuses on a group of likeable if socially maladjusted young offenders who are sentenced to community service. Aided by their kindly supervisor, they find themselves taking a daytrip to a distillery where they learn more about the whisky-making process. They subsequently hatch a plot to pilch some very rare and very expensive whisky, which leads to some comic misadventures. The main problem with the film is the tone - it veers wildly from gritty urban gang conflict to cultured whisky-tasting sessions, with none of the easygoing charm of Looking For Eric. There's also a rather lazy pace to Paul Laverty's script, which never really gets going. Unless you're Scottish, you might be wondering why subtitles aren't supplied as the accents can be hard to understand at times. This is mostly forgettable stuff from a director capable of much greater heights. The Angels' Share is really just for Loach completists.

    Posted 21:33 | Fri 1st Jun 2012

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