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    I started reading. Came to the part that mentioned the watered down certificate of 12a. Yet, at the top the Cert:15a. Hmm. This kind of inconsistency makes me not trust the reviewer.

    Posted 17:25 | Fri 28th Sep 2012
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    Taken 2 was reduced from a 15A to a 12A on appeal in Ireland. The film was cut in the UK to get a 12A there, so 20th Century Fox wanted a 12A here as well (we end up with the same cut version too). A really, really dumb thing to do. I had high hopes for this film, but once I saw that it had been dumbed-down for children I knew it would be a sell-out. I mean seriously... 12A?

    Posted 10:41 | Sat 29th Sep 2012
  • View Profile for FozzFozz

    Yea folks...wait for the uncut Bluray but even at that this was always gonna be a cheap cash-in.

    Posted 09:34 | Mon 1st Oct 2012
  • View Profile for DoubleLetterDoubleLetter

    I work in a cinema. I can tell you more adults go to the cinema then children (an adult ticket is age 15+). They will not make more money with a 12a cert. Not only that, this film already has it's Market set out - those who have seen Taken.

    Posted 12:09 | Tue 2nd Oct 2012
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    Oh and to add, my manager has seen it and said its horrendous :(

    Posted 17:02 | Wed 3rd Oct 2012
  • View Profile for spikeprintspikeprint

    Given that entertainment.ie gave the first Taken 2 stars I'll reserve judgement until I see it.

    Posted 22:20 | Wed 3rd Oct 2012
  • View Profile for DoubleLetterDoubleLetter

    ^ It is a 2 star film though, when your observing it by film standards. However, Taken is so cheesy, exciting and enjoyable that it was a huge crowd pleaser. It did not need a sequel though.

    Posted 17:45 | Thu 4th Oct 2012
  • View Profile for FilmBuff76FilmBuff76

    Saw Taken 2 this evening and thought it was mediocre. It's clearly a compromised work - Neeson sneaks up behind a baddie and strangles him with a chain, but it all happens very quickly and there's a flashcut to hide any struggling and suffering - a sure enough restriction of the 12A cert. Also, punches and gunfire have been toned down as well. It's not a film for children in the first place, so why tone it down for them?

    Posted 22:10 | Thu 4th Oct 2012
  • View Profile for SaraSara

    why does it have to be really violent anyway! Im going to see it as i enjoyed the first one but just as a bit of action it's hardly a throught provoking high brow film it is what it is and so what if it's not 15 i can't believe people are moaning about it being 12a use your imagination!

    Posted 10:49 | Fri 5th Oct 2012
  • View Profile for ShelShel

    If we wanted to use our imaginations we wouldn't go to see a movie?

    Posted 23:22 | Fri 5th Oct 2012
  • View Profile for FilmBuff76FilmBuff76

    The first Taken was violent, so I expected the sequel to follow in the same vein. Dumbing it down for kids is just plain stupid. Some people, including myself, laughed when the 12A cert came up.

    Posted 14:28 | Sat 6th Oct 2012
  • View Profile for shadow4798shadow4798

    People were probably laughing because of the "on appeal" part under the cert, which really stood out as odd and only served to draw attention to itself. Our showing had a similar reaction. The movie was ok, and more enjoyable than a lot of 1 and a half star films, but you probably won't get the same thing out of it that you got from the first movie. All in all, not a complete waste of time.

    Posted 14:23 | Sun 7th Oct 2012
  • View Profile for DoubleLetterDoubleLetter

    I'm with the pro-violence group here. I am sick of films being diluted for a younger audience. I am an adult and like to see adult images/themes in films... I wonder if they would ever release two verions (like they do with 3D and 2D) where one is 18s and then one is 12a's (the 12a being a very strict cut version obviously).

    Posted 13:50 | Mon 8th Oct 2012
  • View Profile for FilmBuff76FilmBuff76

    The "two different versions" theory was tested out in the UK a few years ago with Bruno. It got an 18 there, with cinemas reporting that many teenagers were trying to get into it. The studio responded by cutting the film and having a 15 version in cinemas at the same time as the 18 version. It would make a lot of sense, as tampering with the director's vision is not good.

    Posted 00:06 | Tue 9th Oct 2012
  • View Profile for dixychickdixychick

    I really enjoyed this movie. The first one was great and this wasnt the same standard but I still enjoyed it. Worth a trip!

    Posted 14:50 | Tue 9th Oct 2012
  • View Profile for SlickerSlicker

    Go see in the cinema - hugely satisfying actioner was what I saw...these high faluttin "critic's" reviews are too cerebral - bear in mind the regular guy who wants a more neanderthal thrill :)

    Posted 19:23 | Tue 9th Oct 2012
  • View Profile for mikecoughlanmikecoughlan

    This is a real colour by numbers film. By that I mean that the story and the characters are the same, all we have to do this time round is paint over the numbers. Liam Nesson reminds us again, as if we needed reminding, that the world is not a safe place. He has me convinced of that one anyway. . His daughter Kim is still scared, but she needs to focus, how many times do you have to tell this girl. At least his wife seems a bit more reasonable this time round. She knows now that you just do not get on a plane and go somewhere for a relaxing holiday without being kidnapped by the most dangerous race of people on the planet. I wonder what the Albanian tourist board think about the whole thing, but I can tell them one thing, no amount of dancing girls and beautiful scenery is going to persuade me that the next time I meet someone from Albanian, that I should'nt do anything other than stick a frock in their forehead. Having said all that there is not a lot new in this film, apart from Kim having a boyfriend this time round. We see very little of him, but he turns up at the end eating a chocolate sunday. He needs to be told that the world is nothing like a chocolate sunday.

    Posted 10:25 | Sun 14th Oct 2012
  • View Profile for ShiftybiscuitsShiftybiscuits

    This film deserves more than one and a half stars, don't let this review put you off. If you like action films and you liked the first one, you probably will like Taken 2. It's not as good as the first movie but sequels rarely are!

    Posted 13:38 | Sun 14th Oct 2012
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    I really enjoyed the first movie and was really looking forward to the follow up, alas the story is very similar. Liam Neeson has more lives than a cat , he just can not be killed, so if you like exagerated action ( James Bond Style ) then this is the movie for you.

    Posted 15:48 | Mon 15th Oct 2012
  • View Profile for Adnan ChAdnan Ch

    please frnds tell me this movie password . i download this movie by u turnt .i want play this movie but notification appear on screen this Taken 2 (2012)dvdrip xvid'...this password protected? please help me..

    Posted 08:22 | Thu 18th Oct 2012
  • View Profile for olivia glynnolivia glynn

    I am going to see it for my birthday i kudt want to know how goodit is out of 10

    Posted 20:37 | Sat 20th Oct 2012
  • View Profile for DoubleLetterDoubleLetter

    Adnan Ch your a gobs**te.

    Posted 18:54 | Thu 25th Oct 2012
  • View Profile for scepticalsceptical

    Apparently the largest cause of death for Albanian males aged 18 - 35 is now Liam Neeson.

    Posted 13:32 | Sun 4th Nov 2012

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