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    James Gunn is just a mad man with a sick sense of fun. Really want to see this.

    Posted 18:38 | Fri 6th May 2011
  • View Profile for KickedArseKickedArse

    DYING to see this. Fingers crossed on an Irish release soon. I know it's on VOD in America now

    Posted 19:30 | Fri 6th May 2011
  • View Profile for EdwardEdward

    Shut up crime!

    Posted 16:03 | Thu 12th May 2011
  • View Profile for pandabatpandabat

    Odd movie but not without its appeal. Hardly hilarious but does raise the odd smirk - probably best watched with a group. Stands out for being different at least. As far away from Honey 2 as you can get.

    Posted 09:43 | Thu 23rd Jun 2011
  • View Profile for PandoraPandora

    Slither is one of my favourites, it's my 00's Tremors.

    Posted 02:41 | Thu 26th Jan 2012

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