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    Personally, I think Sucker Punch is a better film than 300 or Watchmen(and I liked both films a great deal and own both) and Mike Sheridan's review is totally wrong, this film was NEVER tiresome in any way. For those of us with dark natures this film works on so many levels it is amazing. Sucker Punch, unlike Zack Snyder's other films is a very serious and dark piece of work. A troubled girl is locked in an institution and must rely on herself and some new friends to escape a real(and a self imposed) hell. There were no comedic moments or light banter between the characters, but those script tricks were not needed for this film. The surrealistic nature of this movie kept me engaged from the opening moment until the closing credits. The way the realities that Baby Doll created, and that she and her friends inhabited, kept morphing from one to another and back again during her dances kept me asking is this really happening or is this poor girl living in a world few of us will ever know or see. Were the actions she and her friends undertook ordinary in themselves and the fanciful ways they were played out merely in Baby Doll's head ? These fantasy sequences by the way, were off the chart. The way all the characters in this film kept changing to suit whatever reality they were in was an excellent use of the actors. This film had the same feel (to me) as the films "Night**tch" and "Daywatch". The way the struggle between good and evil was played out. In the end you come to understand that all the actions that took place really happened, just not in the way they were presented. If you are a true fantasy fan, then this is a film for you. I have recommended this film to all of my friends and would recommend it to anyone who asked my opinion. Unlike some recent films, this one is well worth the price of admission and I saw it in 2D.

    Posted 23:09 | Sun 27th Mar 2011
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    Thanks mojo, that's the cinema choice for next week sorted, esp when you likened it to Night**tch and Daywatch.

    Posted 03:18 | Fri 1st Apr 2011
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    I come down in the middle between mojos review and sheridans review above. The message of the movie is laughable, but the director has made something so off-the-hook crackers and beautiful to look at -- its tough to fault really. I thought of leaving early on in the movie, realising how thin on plot it seemed it was going to be...but i was soon glad i stayed. Still no real substance to the movie by the end - but gorgeous babes, futuristic/medieval/WW2 sequences and cool music should be more than enough for you. Leave the brain behind and enjoy.

    Posted 14:48 | Wed 6th Apr 2011
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    LOVED IT.....!!

    Posted 16:35 | Thu 7th Apr 2011
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    This is a very flawed movie, story, script, dialogue, are all in need of serious work, does it look pretty? yes it does, is Snyder one of the very few directors working in Hollywood that has a unique eye for detail and style? yes he, is it as good as Watchmen,300, Dead. No its not but damn it looks pretty. Is it bonkers? Hell yeah its bonkers plus 10, Like all snyders movies it will be cult with a capital C, maybe though he should stick to directing or working with a better writer than himself as he shows here its not his strong suit. It is pretty though....

    Posted 14:58 | Tue 12th Apr 2011

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