Step Up 4: Miami Heat


Step Up 4: Miami Heat

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  • View Profile for Eimear LaveryEimear Lavery

    This is one review I am waiting for with bated breath! I can hear the p**s being ripped all the way in Sandyford!!!!!

    Posted 12:16 | Tue 7th Aug 2012
  • View Profile for ShankillDublinShankillDublin

    I am judging you. I've seen the trailer on TV. OMFG. Everyone involved should be locked up quick.

    Posted 10:57 | Thu 9th Aug 2012
  • View Profile for damienmcddamienmcd

    When I heard this was being made, I thought: "instant classic". I'm convinced that it's gonna have a clean sweep at the Oscars next year and I haven't even seen it yet. I cannot wait to see this movie. Gonna break out my bandana + backwards baseball cap combo and rock one armband on my left arm for 'da homies' and boogie my way down to see this one. Weekend sorted!

    Posted 11:35 | Thu 9th Aug 2012
  • View Profile for TiggyTiggy

    I have to take my partners daughter to go see this tomorrow. Hellllllp! Somebody just shoot me.

    Posted 16:55 | Sat 11th Aug 2012
  • View Profile for TiggyTiggy

    Ok, follow-up to previous comment: went to see it, wish I hadn't bothered. Every bit as bad as I was expecting. I'd call it crap but that would be insulting every pile of steaming s**te on the planet.

    Posted 13:59 | Wed 15th Aug 2012
  • View Profile for ClaudsClauds

    cool moves and choreography

    Posted 22:26 | Sun 26th Aug 2012

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