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    When a new Australian film lands on these shores, I always take note. I've rarely seen a bad Australian film and Snowtown keeps the standard up. It's a hard-hitting story about Australia's most notorious serial killer and the teenage boy caught up in his dangerous games. Recalling the family atmosphere evoked by this year's earlier Animal Kingdom, it's not an easy watch and is certainly not a popcorn film. However, it's a very well-acted and thoughtfully directed film that packs a punch. It will stay with you long after the credits roll. Catch it while you can before it disappears from our cinema screens.

    Posted 20:36 | Thu 24th Nov 2011
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    I couldn't sit through the whole of this film. I've never walked out in a film but just over an hour into this I couldn't take any more. Maybe it was the fact it was based on a true story. For me it was just too much to take. At times it felt I was watching a documentary, the acting is superb! The film is shot so well and I was hooked from the start and with each scene the knot in my stomach got tighter and tighter until the tension, the horror, the callousness . . it all just got too much. It's a film that will remain with me for some time to come. An outstanding film if you can stomach the subject matter.

    Posted 01:38 | Tue 29th Nov 2011

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