Shut Up And Play The Hits


Shut Up And Play The Hits

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    As a big fan of LCD Soundsystem's music, I was looking forward to this film for months. To say it was an anti-climax is an understatement. There's a couple of good moments, such as the live performances (although not in full) of "all my friends" and "someone great", but overall this documentary really grates. The utter solipsism of Murphy and co is nauseating and doesn't allow you to warm to any of the characters. The final show was supposed to be outstanding, but this documentary doesn't convey that at all. Hopefully a dvd of the live performance will be released, which will eliminate the 10 minutes of self-absorbed hipster babble between every minute of music.

    Posted 13:24 | Sun 9th Sep 2012
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    The DVD will have the entire show. I thought the doc was well shot. I think the whole event is a big farce though. Murphy, the ultimate muso fanboy, has carefully orchestrated a way to catapult LCD soundsystem into permanent cult status without really ending anything. They all admit they will still make music together. Having said that I love the band, James Murphy is a musical genius and his DJ set at EP was one of the highlights of the whole weekend.

    Posted 11:15 | Mon 10th Sep 2012

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