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Seven Psychopaths

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    I enjoyed this film as the script gives the director and actors licence to move around in ways that seem completely random, and at times almost senseless, but which amazingly enough, by the time the film ends, all come together in a way that a mad dream would. I image that the director when looking for actors that would be up for a bit of crack to play the roles in this film, and he got a nice selection in Woody Harrelson , Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken. all of whom play entertaining, if slightly unhinged characters, well completely unhinged really, but lovable at the same time. Overall it is sometime different and worth watching.

    Posted 11:31 | Sun 9th Dec 2012
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    I'm really just gonna go for it here. I'm fair and honest or at least try to be but Colin Farrell, simply put is 'useless'! Why am I the only one that seems to have this opinion? How did he fluke his way to Hollywood? All he ever does is play himself.. Is that acting? In Bruge...all Farrell does is play himself. This movie? Himself again. His annoying pretty boy look, shaping on screen in his Castleknock accent. I'm surprised Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken etc would grace the screen with him! When he's not playing 'himself' then he's atrocious at any accent except his own. Miami Vice? Garbage. Troy? Vommit. Am I the only one that sees this in Farrell. Just my opinion but If anyone agrees with me, please do let me know. All opinions for that matter! Liam Neeson, Brendan Gleeson, Pierce Brosnan, Stephen Rea, Gabriel Byrne...Farrell is a 'limp' compared to his fellow Countrymen actors! Watch this space. By 40, Farrell will relegated and deservedly so.

    Posted 13:18 | Sat 22nd Dec 2012
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    This was another opportunity for Colin farrell to prove he is over rated, and boy he does not like to dissapoint. Film was average and farell was worse.

    Posted 23:53 | Wed 2nd Jan 2013
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    Thanks Tomboy. Somebody agrees with me.

    Posted 01:45 | Thu 3rd Jan 2013
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    I actually liked this film a lot. Its very funny in parts and they are juxtaposed beautifully with some very poignant scenes... plus its got a brilliant cast .. (Tom Waits, where does this mans talent end ?). One proviso : Have to agree with the rest of the comments 'Farreller' is out of his depth in this company..... and stinks up the joint :-(

    Posted 18:10 | Tue 8th Jan 2013
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    In Bruges was probably the best film I have seen in the past 10 years. Seven Psychopaths is probably the worst. Hard to believe they were penned by the same guy. Absolutely woeful film from start to finish that doesn't work on any level. It's neither a drama (poor storyline, ridiculous plot), nor a comedy (simply not funny). I so wanted to like this film,yet it did not engage me on any level. Half-way through I was waiting for it to start, two-thirds of the way through I was contemplating walking out. It didn't improve. A pathetic attempt to make a Tarantinoesque movie. Dreadful, dreadful film. If you get a chance to see it, don't. Nul points.

    Posted 02:10 | Sat 19th Jan 2013
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    Really enjoyed this film. Dark comedy. Great performance from Colin Farrell considering his lack of talent the last few years. Easy watch.

    Posted 17:28 | Thu 24th Jan 2013

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