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    How can this website give "Shadow Dancer" of which Aiden Gillen gives the best performance, who is not suited to any rolls he has been casted in the last year, and say Taylor Kitsch plays this role badly? The film has flaws but as far as entertainment goes it is far greater than Shadow Dancer, albeit different,the idiocy of the review can not be ignored. Savages is much better than this inconsiderate review lets on.

    Posted 21:10 | Thu 20th Sep 2012
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    I saw this film a couple of months ago in the USA and it still lingers as the best film I've seen all summer. A real return to form from O. Stone. Normally the reviews here are not far off but this most definitely is. I suggest reading Roger Ebert's review and then make up your own mind. It's very violent but very stylish and not a little Tarantino-esque. Enjoy!

    Posted 01:33 | Fri 21st Sep 2012
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    I enjoyed Savages, but it's a shame that Universal decided to cut the film here to get a lower cert. It's clearly a film for adults, not teenagers. Now we're faced with the prospect of 3 versions of the film - the uncut US version, the cut Irish/UK version and an unrated edition coming out in the US later this year on Blu-Ray. Talk about confusing...

    Posted 16:49 | Sat 22nd Sep 2012
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    2+ hours of my life ill never get back, horrendous

    Posted 12:44 | Mon 24th Sep 2012
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    Loved this movie!!

    Posted 10:41 | Tue 2nd Oct 2012
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    "The Beach" meets " point break" but not in a good way. made for teenagers but with the wrong cert. Entertaining at times but brain dead stuff. Agree with Gavin's review

    Posted 10:44 | Thu 4th Oct 2012

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