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    I saw a preview of Samsara back in May. Spectacular. Find the biggest screen that's showing it and just let the images and sound wash over you like a wave...

    Posted 20:41 | Mon 27th Aug 2012
  • View Profile for John FJohn F of the year by a long shot.

    Posted 20:38 | Tue 28th Aug 2012
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    Am looking forward to this great film with much anticipation. I have heard great reports on same.

    Posted 14:32 | Wed 29th Aug 2012
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    Just seen it today. Terrific. Except one scene SCARED me senseless; it was the scene where the man (or robot?) rubs clay all over his face... Anyone who has seen it knows what I'm talking about. Disturbing as hell. Anyone know what that bit was about? Truly terrifying.

    Posted 20:28 | Fri 31st Aug 2012
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    @ Doubleletter - yeah, that scene with the man rubbing clay into his face was unsettling. From my interpretation, he's a performance artist illustrating how we can all return to our primal, primitive roots, as in Lord Of The Flies.

    Posted 23:37 | Fri 31st Aug 2012
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    film biggest failing is in every scene it should mention where it is taken , deduct one star for that

    Posted 21:47 | Fri 7th Sep 2012
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    Whatever mood I was in this movie resonated to the depts of my soul granted I had taken a few swigs of the hard stuff before I went to see a late showing. But that aside it is visually sumptuous to behold, the sounds haunted me long after the lights had come on. This movie is life reaffirming. You have to be in the mood for this; if you were not expecting this it could pass you by and bore you.

    Posted 21:22 | Fri 14th Dec 2012

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