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  • View Profile for RogerRoger

    A CGI ape that delivers a dramatic performance of unprecedented emotion and intelligence. That says in all.......

    Posted 12:23 | Fri 5th Aug 2011
  • View Profile for KangKang

    Better then some humans i could mention.

    Posted 14:26 | Mon 8th Aug 2011
  • View Profile for TeeTee

    Not better than Serkis though

    Posted 16:46 | Tue 9th Aug 2011
  • View Profile for BryceBryce

    Why not put them in charge of all the world's stock exchanges?

    Posted 09:59 | Thu 11th Aug 2011
  • View Profile for krimescenekrimescene

    Its Hands down the best movie this year ,maybe in the last couple ,the scenes in the Ape "zoo" where Caesar is firstly Brutalised and eventually ends up leading ,is some of the Most gripping and exciting stuff on screen in ages ,As the power struggle starts over who is in Charge in the place..with only one Eventual Winner.

    Posted 20:04 | Thu 11th Aug 2011
  • View Profile for spikeprintspikeprint

    To be fair, the plot is not as clever as the original Conquest of the Planet of the Apes. It's just a well worn path that apes now walk it. The original was a politically charged film reflecting the race relations of the time it was filmed, this one reflects the power of CGI. But it is still a cut above the rest of the summers fare.

    Posted 20:34 | Thu 11th Aug 2011
  • View Profile for CiaraCiara

    I hate to be picky but they're apes, not monkeys (paragraph 2), two different things!

    Posted 11:17 | Fri 12th Aug 2011
  • View Profile for MaryMary

    But like what is the difference between a Monkey and an Ape??

    Posted 14:32 | Fri 12th Aug 2011
  • View Profile for KickedArseKickedArse

    I believe the word you're looking for is "anal" Ciara :P

    Posted 14:36 | Fri 12th Aug 2011
  • View Profile for damienmcddamienmcd

    Seems like a pretty decent movie and all the reports so far are that it's a well-made movie despite the low expectations I had about it. Can't wait to see it!

    Posted 14:42 | Fri 12th Aug 2011
  • View Profile for noelnoel

    Waste of time, while the photo real fx are interesting they are only good for the movements not facial movements still cant get around the dead eyes look,a movie with fx as its main selling point rather than a movie with fx that are an enhancement to the movie, The screening i saw was full on hilarious and that was unintentional, though the walkouts half way through were not, this is a very silly very boring film. Tom Felton deserves a mention because he get's to utter those immortal words.... Get your hands off... etc!!! Wait for it on dvd and save your money. Overall very very poor.

    Posted 21:12 | Fri 12th Aug 2011
  • View Profile for ellegibbonsellegibbons

    Not for me, but i understand its appeal to others

    Posted 11:02 | Mon 15th Aug 2011
  • View Profile for ted29ted29

    @Noel whilst you are entitled to your opinion 82% on rotten tomatoes says other wise. Which means 82% of the worlds top movie critics liked it, a lot.

    Posted 17:40 | Mon 15th Aug 2011
  • View Profile for EveEve

    I really enjoyed it. Highly entertaining. Kept me gripped from start to finish.

    Posted 11:36 | Tue 16th Aug 2011
  • View Profile for carolinkacarolinka

    Can't wait to see this..

    Posted 12:16 | Tue 16th Aug 2011
  • View Profile for shinnydshinnyd

    This film is so entertaining & enjoyable. Couldnt take eyes off screen. Hard to say why I enjoyed it so much, the film was just great Start to finish!

    Posted 09:08 | Tue 23rd Aug 2011
  • View Profile for Baron FlyGuyBaron FlyGuy

    I really enjoyed this film, it was better than what I expected. The winks and nods to the mythology of the earlier movies was done nicely.

    Posted 11:50 | Tue 23rd Aug 2011
  • View Profile for LIZZY 61LIZZY 61

    BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR - great story line - brilliant acting and superb effects, It definitely is a MUST SEE movie, BUT DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT - GO SEE IT FOR YOURSELVES! *****

    Posted 23:26 | Wed 24th Aug 2011
  • View Profile for FitzFitz

    Great movie. It's going to set the standard for CGI in the future, making recent CGI laden movies (Transformers etc) look like the equivalent of stop motion.

    Posted 11:19 | Thu 25th Aug 2011
  • View Profile for HankHank

    Roadworks on the way to the cinema meant I sat DOWN needing a wee (opening credits were already running). Figured I'd nip out for a Jimmy riddle during the first dull bit. 105 minutes later I nearly had to be CARRIED to the damn loo but it was well worth the bladderial distress- the film was MUCH better than I expected. I hope there isn't a sequel though, as this one wraps the story up nicely. Anything more would only spoil it (Yes, Alien 3, I'm talking about you). Next time I'm late to the cinema I'm buying one of those Slushee cylinders in case of emergency.

    Posted 18:51 | Fri 26th Aug 2011
  • View Profile for stephenstephen

    Gripping stuff !!

    Posted 23:31 | Sat 27th Aug 2011
  • View Profile for Ali O'keefeAli O'keefe

    gripping stuff altogether

    Posted 19:36 | Wed 31st Aug 2011
  • View Profile for margaretmargaret

    this was some movie

    Posted 23:32 | Wed 31st Aug 2011
  • View Profile for TomboyTomboy

    This is one very good movie, great from start to finish. I cant wait for the follow up. Five stars from me.

    Posted 16:53 | Mon 12th Sep 2011
  • View Profile for mrybomrybo

    This movie did nothing for me. Although a slight twinge of emotion was felt at the start - it quickly went downhill from there on. Disappointing.

    Posted 12:52 | Sat 24th Sep 2011

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