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    This was due to be releaed October 23rd and was pushed back until the 21st of December. Any ideas why?

    Posted 15:17 | Mon 17th Dec 2012
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    I thought that I was going to hate this movie, but it is definitely one of my favorites of this year. My favorite songs from the movie are from the Riff Off. Im glad my DISH coworker suggested that I see it, because I loved it. I added Pitch Perfect to my queue on Blockbuster @Home from DISH, and was able to see it so much earlier than if I waited for Redbox.

    Posted 20:05 | Sun 23rd Dec 2012
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    Great craic if you just go with it. The songs are short and easy and the whole setup is entertaining. I think it is being mis-sold a bit (the mention of the steaming pile that is 'Step-Up' is harsh as this is far superior) so I'd suggest giving it ago and you will be surprised.

    Posted 09:29 | Thu 10th Jan 2013
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    Bridesmaids-meets-Glee! Surprisingly enjoyable and fairly funny throughout. A good night out (or in when it comes out on DVD/Bluray/Download)!

    Posted 13:33 | Mon 21st Jan 2013
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    Very good film , really enjoyed have seen it more than once. Defo buying this as soon as its out on dvd

    Posted 17:16 | Mon 4th Feb 2013
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    I was reluctant to go see the film because I am not found of musicals and I thought it was going to be a longer version of a Glee episode and that idea was not thrilling. However I was happily surprised, although reminding me of glee in parts it was a hundred times funnier and also shocked me with some of the dialogue which made it more funny. A good watch!!

    Posted 17:23 | Tue 5th Feb 2013

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