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    You get what you come for with this film. It's filled with v funny exchanges between the characters. I would recommend you don't go see the 3D version, I found it too dark with the glasses and ended up watching it without them (which is do-able apart from the fight scenes when things got a bit blurry)

    Posted 21:10 | Mon 16th May 2011
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    I won tickets to see this movie tonight and i really enjoyed it in saying that i have never seen the last 3 movies but i'm considering watching them after seeing this. This movie was well entertaining. I haven't watched the other 3 movies that are out but i don't think this movie would be the same if Johnny Depp wasn't in it. He more or less made this movie, during some dull parts he'd make it a bit brighter and funnier ;) some comical parts also in this movie well worth the watch :D

    Posted 02:02 | Tue 17th May 2011
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    More fun with Captain Jack. An enjoyable movie, laughs & farcical & fanciful viewing. Strange depiction of mermaids as quite nasty creatures when they're usually portrayed as mythical and friendly. I didn't think that Blackbeard's character deserved the dread that follows him.

    Posted 16:45 | Tue 17th May 2011
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    Im going to see it tonight hopefully as good a the last three witch were amazing!!!

    Posted 14:53 | Sat 21st May 2011
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    I watched this on Sunday, and was entertained mostly due to having low expectations. On the pro-side it had three amazing actors, Depp of course, Ian McShane and Geoffrey Rush; the jungle was lush, the mermaids enchanting and strange; the 3D was well made - compared to the eye-straining, jittering trailers shown in the beginning it was like a balm for the peepers. I should not leave out Penelope Cruz, who was, well, Penelope Cruz in a nice costume. On the negative side, all three male actors seemed a bit subdued compared to previous episodes, and especially Ian McShane whom I usually enjoy watching. It also had a strong sense of deja vu: while not exactly the same as PoC 1 in any plot point, it had many parts which were just visually very very similar (I wont say more for fear of spoilers). The plot chugged along nicely, but had a few holes and bits left unexplained, which seemed careless when it would have taken little effort to fill them in (again, no spoilers). In short: nice but dull like a favourite cardigan, or a cup of tea and a Rich Tea.

    Posted 19:20 | Mon 23rd May 2011
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    i must say i enjoyed this film alot,but then again im a fan of the all 4 films so i cud be said to be abit bias,sum really good special effects & lots of funny parts,nice long film too..

    Posted 14:07 | Mon 30th May 2011
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    Terrible movie, was actually aware of the time not a good sign!!!

    Posted 08:40 | Thu 9th Jun 2011
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    I have to say I quite liked it!! The first pirates of the Caribbean movie was by far the best! but this follows in at second! as I think the 2nd and 3rd movie were beyond crap!! I like in this movie that its a new storyline with some new characters! Penelope Cruz is excellent and Johnny Depp is hilarious as all ways!! over all its a fun easy watch!!

    Posted 11:50 | Thu 9th Jun 2011
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    I went to see this with my father and brother. I found this really entertaining, although not as good as the first but up there with the second and third. A must see for all you pirates fans

    Posted 19:33 | Sat 18th Jun 2011
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    it's entertaining and depp is brilliaint, but there wasn't really any need for a fourth, and by the looks of it, a fifth movie

    Posted 23:14 | Sun 26th Jun 2011
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    Had to watch this film as I do follow the PotC whole-heartedly, but imo the 1st PotC was and always will be the best. This was an ok film, as always very well made, with good script, good actors and serious prep. Mrs Cruz gave it some new fresh breeze. But in all fairness, I think it should have been left at 3 films max.

    Posted 20:02 | Mon 4th Jul 2011
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    I agree with the review... http://entertainment.ie/movie_review/Pirates-of-the-Caribbean%20-On-Stranger-Tides/7471.htm

    Posted 15:56 | Tue 9th Aug 2011

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