Pain and Gain


Pain and Gain

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    When is this movie going to be in Irish Cinemas? Doesnt seem to be in any cinema this weekend? Any reason for this?

    Posted 19:15 | Sat 4th May 2013
  • View Profile for TraceTrace

    28th August is the release date:-)

    Posted 18:41 | Sun 5th May 2013
  • View Profile for FozzFozz

    Really enjoyed this. Highly entertaining with Wahlberg and The Rock doing great jobs.

    Posted 12:14 | Fri 23rd Aug 2013
  • View Profile for FudgecakezIRLFudgecakezIRL

    Watched it already, you can download it online :/

    Posted 17:39 | Fri 30th Aug 2013
  • View Profile for fifififi

    the worst movie i have ever seen in my life..there was 3 people in the cinema watching one wasnt a comedy or a crime movie..i dont know what it was..we left after an hour ..honestly dont waste your money or time ..I WISH SOMEONE HAD TOLD ME HOW TERRIBLE IT WAS!!

    Posted 22:56 | Mon 2nd Sep 2013
  • View Profile for Love to eat outLove to eat out

    Have to agree, dont waste your money on this film. Not one of Wahlberg's best!

    Posted 09:41 | Wed 4th Sep 2013

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