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  • View Profile for Karl_EKarl_E

    Looks Awesome!!!!!

    Posted 14:27 | Tue 29th Jan 2013
  • View Profile for suesue

    looking forward to this.

    Posted 22:49 | Thu 27th Jun 2013
  • View Profile for rosebudrosebud

    looks woeful

    Posted 16:14 | Mon 8th Jul 2013
  • View Profile for BertautBertaut

    When I saw the trailer for this movie, I thought to myself "This looks amazing." Then I remembered I'm not a 14 year old geek and went to see Paradise: Faith instead. Excellent movie.

    Posted 23:02 | Tue 9th Jul 2013
  • View Profile for LouiseLouise

    Fantastic special effects but the script has a lot to be desired.. Chessy !!

    Posted 15:05 | Wed 10th Jul 2013
  • View Profile for Harry CallaghanHarry Callaghan

    Giant Monsters... Giant Robots... in the ad the robot hits the monster with a freight ship like it is using a baseball bat!!!! How can this be bad?

    Posted 13:28 | Thu 11th Jul 2013
  • View Profile for Karl William LougheedKarl William Lougheed

    just seen it today oh my god it really is is as awesome as it looks ya the script is kinda ma but who cares but the over all film is 9/10 go see this film :)

    Posted 00:05 | Sat 13th Jul 2013
  • View Profile for ChesbymooChesbymoo

    Go Go Power Rangers!!!

    Posted 01:00 | Sat 13th Jul 2013
  • View Profile for FilmBuff76FilmBuff76

    Like Guillermo Del Toro, I also grew up on those old Japanese Godzilla movies. So, I'm also going to wear my fanboy hat with pride and say that I found Pacific Rim riotously enjoyable.

    Posted 10:34 | Sat 13th Jul 2013
  • View Profile for PodgeBPodgeB

    Catch phrases robbed from here there and everywhere, poor storyline, poor/no comedic entertainment value, tries to be like Independence day and fails miserably. might appeal to young teenagers

    Posted 11:06 | Sat 13th Jul 2013
  • View Profile for hellcat1983hellcat1983

    This is a shockingly bad movie all round. Boring as hell and would only be entertaining if there isn't much going on in the grey matter department.

    Posted 12:38 | Mon 15th Jul 2013
  • View Profile for damiendamien

    Let me start by saying that as a movie fall of almost all genres ( shock ,horror ,sci-fi aswell ) that every summer I am waiting with baited breath for all the big budget blockbusters that promise so much ,yet invaribly deliver so little .This is absolutely not the case with Pacific Rim. Usually you see snippets of all the best bits in a trailer and on leaving the cinema disappointed two plus hours later you realise the trailer was the best thing about it. Again this generalisation does not apply to Pacific Rim . The effects and sound are truly amazing . I went to see it in 3 D at the IMAX in Cineworld Dublin and it blew myself and a friend away. She actually got motion sickness on two occasions during the film and had to leave briefly . I divulge this piece of information in the hopes of impressing on the potential viewer the visceral power this film can potentially have on the viewer. As for the comments about no story ,no humor,etc. all I can say is people were laughing throughout .While the overall plot is a bit complicated and richer than at first glance,thanks to its Director Guillermo Del Torro.We paid 17 euro per ticket but could still say it was worth the price of admission. If that is not a strong enough endorsement I do not know what is! Overall I would give this movie an excellent rating and will no doubt see it again .

    Posted 18:48 | Mon 15th Jul 2013
  • View Profile for alal

    amazing action. its basically power rangers on steroids. but the acting in the power rangers was oscar winning compared to pacific rim. its awful. truly awful. if you can get past that then its a great blockbuster

    Posted 00:32 | Sun 28th Jul 2013
  • View Profile for LiebsLiebs

    This film if fun.. Didn't go expecting a deep and meaningful, but went expecting Godzilla fighting Transformers - wasn't disappointed, and it was much bigger :) Quality, big & fun! I want one for Christmas...

    Posted 15:35 | Mon 29th Jul 2013
  • View Profile for WatchThisWatchThis

    The script was almost painful but if you just want to watch giant aliens and robots beat the crap out of each other look no further. Still I wish someone would at least try to have a story to go along with all the cg in their film.

    Posted 17:41 | Tue 13th Aug 2013

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