Oz: The Great and Powerful


Oz: The Great and Powerful

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    Posted 23:43 | Fri 8th Mar 2013
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    Oz: The Great And Powerful is like the Tin Man - hollow and lacking heart. However, it's an enjoyable romp and three stars is just about right for it.

    Posted 20:26 | Sat 9th Mar 2013
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    Really enjoyed it. Fun but long.

    Posted 20:14 | Sun 10th Mar 2013
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    Missing a star in my opinion, definitely a four star film. A touch too long and just flattens out a bit at the ending but overall a very good and enjoyable film. Fantastic effects, of course, but there are moments when things need fixing - like when people hold the china girl! Acting is better than expected, actually funny and lots of nice touches by director Sam Rammi. Not as good as Tron Legacy but if you enjoyed Alice in Wonderland, go see this! Also wiki the film to read why some things were left out (Ruby slippers etc).

    Posted 19:17 | Mon 11th Mar 2013
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    The best thing about this movie was that David Bowies Little China girl was stuck in my head throughout the whole thing. Great cinematography, beautiful colours and costumes, but overall a dreadful movie, (although I thought Michelle Williams was lovely as Glinda) given the level of sophistication and dry wit in most kids movies these days I really thought this would be much better.

    Posted 12:55 | Thu 14th Mar 2013
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    A very enjoyable retelling of the Wizard of Oz story, with things being centered around the Wizard this time instead of Dorothy. As Paul McMahon above has mentioned, certain things where off limits because of copyright, but they were able to get around these and tell a new story that still captures some of the magic of the original. The special effects are great and the whole thing is very well done really. It would be completely unfair to compare it to the original, which is one of the greatest fairy stories ever told, but as a sequel, which I suppose this is, it is very good.

    Posted 14:05 | Tue 19th Mar 2013
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    Did not like this film at all and I was so looking forward to it, it was such a let down. James Franco is awful in it ( and I like some of his films) Mila Kunis and Rachel Wise where just ok, but have to agree with Derv thought Michelle Williams was lovely as Glinda . It was way to long.

    Posted 13:49 | Wed 20th Mar 2013

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