Now You See Me


Now You See Me

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  • View Profile for Marion VailMarion Vail

    Watching it now :-)

    Posted 16:53 | Sat 22nd Jun 2013
  • View Profile for nicolab18nicolab18

    brilliant film. definitely recommend it. good twists in it and the actors are brilliant :) five stars

    Posted 23:33 | Sun 7th Jul 2013
  • View Profile for HeidiHeidi

    Very Very Good film. Keeps you engaged to the end and your mind is thinking the whole time. I would recommend it. I think the reviews and ratings of film under values it. Far more than 2 and a half stars. More like 4

    Posted 15:21 | Fri 12th Jul 2013
  • View Profile for OwenOwen

    Great writing on this one.

    Posted 03:26 | Sun 11th Aug 2013

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