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  • View Profile for Tommy O'DonoghueTommy O'Donoghue

    What? only 4 stars? would you go back to Michael Bay you philistine hack.

    Posted 09:36 | Fri 8th Feb 2013
  • View Profile for FilmBuff76FilmBuff76

    4 stars for No is just about right. As a film reviewer myself, I only give 5 stars to exceptional films - and there are only a handful of those every year.

    Posted 16:48 | Sat 9th Feb 2013
  • View Profile for di_larkdi_lark

    There are only a handful of exceptional films in a LIFETIME and this is not among them - this film is just a bore. If you think even for a moment that this drivel is exceptional you must be having a bad day or maybe you went to the film with a bag without holes over your head, silly old you.

    Posted 12:44 | Tue 12th Feb 2013
  • View Profile for The ViewerThe Viewer

    I really wanted to enjoy this movie,after all it is about the overthrow of a tyrant. So why am I so dejected? It felt amateurish, the quality of the actual film was blurred, I thought it was meant to be 3-D at one stage. There is uncertainty as well, are we going to see these momentous events against the background of a troubled marriage? Well it is touched on but not developed. Or Bernal's fraught relationship with his employer; is he good or bad? think the movie is trying to say so much it is unnecessarily confused. The subtitles didn't help either, they were on screen for the blink of an eye and I hardly read them, the font didn't help either. And why do the characters keep finishing their sentences with "man". It came across as corny. No overall this was a disappointment.

    Posted 23:01 | Mon 4th Mar 2013

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