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    The South Park parody of this is spot on, enough is enough, we have to make a stand against these kinda movies, I know it's aimed for kids but for flip sake, do we really need to dumb down movies this much, why aren't there any quality kids flicks, anyone remember Uncle Buck? the Mask, Home Alone? the Lion King? punch drunk love is class, funny people ok for the first half, but Sandler has burned all his bridges with me, he can't ever be forgiven.

    Posted 20:24 | Tue 2nd Aug 2011
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    Yes, this is just what we need: a film reviewer telling people that it's ok to play with their phones during a movie. I don't care how awful someone might think the movie that they're in is, they can play with their phone outside the theatre for free and not bother others who might be enjoying the show (or at least trying to endure it without other people's fairy lights hovering in the dark). It's a real annoyance and shows a lack of respect for other cinema goers. Now, where are my pipe and slippers?

    Posted 12:25 | Thu 4th Aug 2011
  • View Profile for Mike SheridanMike Sheridan

    Don't recall telling anyone to play with their phones in that review, Panda.

    Posted 14:32 | Thu 4th Aug 2011
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    Haha, I think he was making the point that there is nothing in this film for adults whatsoever, that adults might be so bored that they begin messing with their apps. I can't see anyone over the age of 4 getting so embroiled in the plot, that the sight of someone messing on their phone would take them out of the film. and "Telling People?" yes because we all do what Mike Sheridan says, haha.

    Posted 16:09 | Thu 4th Aug 2011
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    When i first saw the adds for this i was'nt sure if it was something i would actually go see, so i actually ended up watching it (out of boredum if im being honest) and well im glad i did :) it was actually quaire funny, brillent storyline, with a great actor included Jim carrey, i must say and amazing storyline, fit for the whole family <3

    Posted 19:51 | Thu 22nd Sep 2011

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