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    this was the worst movie i have ever seen couldnt wait for it to end it makes me think how stupid crude and messed up can films get well this is how

    Posted 22:55 | Fri 25th Jan 2013
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    Yeah, this film was utter tripe. The only laugh I got was from the brief skit on A Beautiful Mind. You know a comedy is in trouble when it's virtually a laugh-free zone.

    Posted 14:44 | Sat 26th Jan 2013
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    I look down on the people involved in this, I look down further on those who saw the advert and decided it was worth the time, effort, transport, movie ticket, cineman snacks and sanity to sit through it. The advert was even vile.

    Posted 16:40 | Sat 26th Jan 2013
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    * cinema snacks! However, those snacks may involve cineman... lol

    Posted 16:41 | Sat 26th Jan 2013
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    Ugh I wish I'd seen these comments first. Shame people ignore Irish comedy;

    Posted 15:36 | Sun 27th Jan 2013
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    This is a movie I will never forget for all the wrong reasons, it was most likely the longest hour and a half of my life. I would say the only funny part was the Naomi Watts / Liev Schrieber home-schooling skit but other than that this was god awful. I didn't want to see this in the first place because it is not my kind of movie and any producer that said "this is quality comedy" when reading the script seriously needs their head checked.

    Posted 11:20 | Tue 29th Jan 2013
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    Can't believe this has the same rating as Taken 2; which is evidently better.

    Posted 16:44 | Mon 4th Feb 2013

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