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    Didn't care for this movie at all. But, then again, horror flicks aren't my bag. I walked out.

    Posted 16:34 | Wed 23rd Jan 2013
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    This is to Jessica Chastain what House at the End of the Street was to Jennifer Lawrence. A movie capitalising on the lead actresses success. I think MAMA is absoutely terrible and as scary as an episode of Spongebob Squarepants. I, for one, am tired of these stupid supernatural DRAMAs (they are not horrors!!) that tell the same story basically over and over again. I blame The Ring for starting it all. Roll on The Evil Dead remake for proper horror movies and leave the likes of MAMA for 12 year old girls to jump at during their sleepovers. 3/10.

    Posted 12:41 | Thu 21st Feb 2013
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    I quite liked Mama and thought it was classy. Sure, a purely CG ghost isn't quite as effective as an actor in make-up with CG enhancements, but it held the attention of this seasoned horror fan. There's a nice nod to Lady In White towards the end as well, which is certainly appreciated.

    Posted 11:53 | Sat 23rd Feb 2013
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    Tough watch

    Posted 20:21 | Sun 10th Mar 2013

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