Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted


Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

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  • View Profile for Cesco MazzottaCesco Mazzotta

    Dear Rory. I would think that any parents with commons sense would worry about educating their children and would not expect a movie to do it on their behalf, even partially. It is exactly pure entertainment that a 3 years old is looking for (or a 40 years old like me) and not any deep message. Perhaps I think you have missed an opportunity here to celebrate this movie exactly for what it is, pure funny entertainment with no strings attached.

    Posted 23:38 | Thu 11th Oct 2012
  • View Profile for OneDloverxoxoOneDloverxoxo

    I went to see it :) it is soooo good and soooooo funny :D i would recommend it :)

    Posted 10:05 | Tue 30th Oct 2012

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