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    Looks as good as the book!!!

    Posted 14:19 | Fri 30th Nov 2012
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    Can't wait to see this it looks amazing!

    Posted 11:06 | Thu 6th Dec 2012
  • View Profile for FilmBuff76FilmBuff76

    You will be amazed. Saw a preview of Life Of Pi earlier this week and it's a remarkable film. Even the 3D is used very well, though in a graceful manner rather than shoved in your face.

    Posted 13:44 | Sat 8th Dec 2012
  • View Profile for forestforest

    it was SHAMAZEBALLS!

    Posted 22:16 | Fri 14th Dec 2012
  • View Profile for UriahRomeroUriahRomero

    I couldnt agree more. The graphics were amazing and the 3D thankfully didnt look like a joke. In addition to the beautiful graphics, the story was more than enough to keep me hooked. I saw it with one of my DISH coworkers since she suggested we see it. I cant wait to see it again soon! Ive added Life of Pi to my queue on Blockbuster @Home from DISH, since it should be available a month before RedBox. Thanks for the quick review!

    Posted 18:53 | Thu 20th Dec 2012
  • View Profile for DoubleLetterDoubleLetter

    I loved it. I normally despise 3D but I am really glad I gave it a chance with Life of Pi as its used extremely well. I thought Suraj Sharma was incredible and look forward to seeing him in more movies!

    Posted 20:02 | Fri 21st Dec 2012
  • View Profile for NualaNuala

    Is it suitable for kids?

    Posted 21:16 | Fri 21st Dec 2012
  • View Profile for DoubleLetterDoubleLetter

    Yeah Nuala, theres nothing in it I wouldn't want my kids to see. Smaller kids will jump once or twice when the tiger jumps at the screen but thats nothing. It really is a great piece of cinema for both you and the kids.

    Posted 18:06 | Wed 26th Dec 2012
  • View Profile for Pi'd off parentPi'd off parent

    NO! This film is certainly not suitable for children I really question how in the hell it got a PG rating ???? I brought my two children to it we sat through the father feeding a live goat to a tiger to teach the boy a lesson, a hyena disemboweling a zebra and the final straw at which stage my two teary eyed children could take no more and we left was the hyena savaging PI's orangutan. Not what the advert we saw would have lead me to think the film was like AT ALLLLLLL.

    Posted 20:11 | Thu 27th Dec 2012
  • View Profile for Patricia LawlorPatricia Lawlor

    Totally agree with last comment went to see it with my daughter last night and had to leave cinema with my child in tears definitely not for children

    Posted 12:06 | Fri 28th Dec 2012
  • View Profile for mikecoughlanmikecoughlan

    I image that the book is a really great read, where you get the chance to understand the character and full meaning of the life of Pi. The film on the other hand is about a ship wreak and not at all interesting. To be honest it is quiet boring , as you are lead to believe that you are going to hear the greatest story ever told. You are not. There was quiet a number of children in the cinema when I was there, but apart from the opening credits this film has little if anything at all to offer children. I only laughed once during the film and that was when he makes a brief landing on a Island, to Compare the Market . com. They made a great effect with this film, but I would give it a miss and buy the book instead.

    Posted 08:35 | Sun 30th Dec 2012
  • View Profile for Rich WallaceRich Wallace

    Oh for God's sake Parents.. the movie is PG, not G - learn the difference between the ratings ! G = suitable for all. PG - Parental Guidance advised - ergo you are supposed to either find out more about the film or see it first, not bring your five year old in and then be surprised by the content - hence parental guidance, how are supposed to guide i.e, be a responsible parent if you have no idea about the film's content. The book is beautiful, if you haven't yet read it, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

    Posted 12:23 | Mon 31st Dec 2012
  • View Profile for Tom CotterTom Cotter

    "making the most cerebral comic book movie to date with Hulk" Rory what drugs are you on because I want some. Hulk with a metacritic rating of 54% is considered one of the worst and lowbrow Marvel films of all time. How about you do a bit of research before your next review eh?

    Posted 16:14 | Fri 4th Jan 2013
  • View Profile for Paul CorriganPaul Corrigan

    I agree with Mike. A fairly boring film with too much CGI, whether CGI is good or not it's still not real and doesn't look natural. The Island part was pointless, was it supposed to be real or not? The last part was daft too with him in hospital trying to trick the viewer into thinking the animals were actually other survivors (human)...3 stars max for that one

    Posted 20:34 | Fri 11th Jan 2013
  • View Profile for PompeyPauloPompeyPaulo

    Stunning film amazingly shot and well worth 3 D viewing if its available to you. The 2hours flew by and the story was rivetting, fantastic performance and the special effects especially those in the storm and ship wreck were visually amazing! One of my all time Top 10 films EVER ! See it! It will scoop Oscars to beat the band!

    Posted 21:25 | Tue 15th Jan 2013
  • View Profile for RuairiRuairi

    It's a drama film, if you're into that thing I would definetly recommend it. Generally stunning cinemography or whatever it is. It was slightly boring though as I'm more used to action movies. For me 6/10, for my mates who are interested in those films it was 8/10.

    Posted 20:19 | Mon 21st Jan 2013
  • View Profile for RuairiRuairi

    @PaulCorrigan he was making up the story for the insurance company at the end, not trying to trick the viewer.

    Posted 20:21 | Mon 21st Jan 2013
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    Not suitable for young children. The movie deals with themes like death and religion that would be beyond a young child's grasp. Having said that, the movie looks spectacular, it is nicely told and is inoffensive. This is certainly different from your average mainstream movie. Two thirds of the film looks like an hallucination. I found it a worthwhile cinema experience. I came out of the movie feeling pleasantly uplifted.

    Posted 14:36 | Sat 26th Jan 2013
  • View Profile for Niamh GilbosoNiamh Gilboso

    Thanks so much "Pi'd Off Parent" for ruining the storyline for me as to how a group of predator and prey animals would survive w/ a young Indian teenager by completley revealing some key points as to what happens.Gr.Its called spoiler alerts regardless of whether youre mildly upset by what your children saw.And as a later commentor wrote its PG aka.PREVIEW THE FILM FIRST YOURSELF! I had hoped to go into this film only knowing the minimal about the storyline and maybe a few positive comments on the movie.However you pretty much ruined that with youre careless commenting.

    Posted 18:02 | Sun 3rd Feb 2013
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    This is one of those seminal moments in cinema ,akin to The Wizard of Oz when it first released in the 1930s, such is the air of magic about it. Needless to say I am a big fan of this film .The visuals have all the trademark stylings of a Director at the height of a varied and distinguished career.In Ang Lee both Director and film complement one another greatly. Lee has used similar visual flourishes in The Hulk ,but it is only really now with the advent of 3D technology that he has been able to create such a visual epic .The plot ,story and acting not only hold up to the high standards of the visuals but one complements the other to give a perfect 10 out of 10 score as a cinema experience .This may not be the case when viewed at home and it is for that reason I would urge you to go see it while it is still playing in cinemas .

    Posted 09:27 | Mon 4th Feb 2013
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    Posted 15:50 | Mon 4th Feb 2013

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