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    Posted 16:49 | Fri 27th Jan 2012
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    3% on Rotten Tomatoes. Go and see this if you are the following. (a) A complete moron. (b) Braindead. (c) You are without dignity. (d) You have an IQ of 7. (e) You love burning money. No doubt this turd of a film will be a hit as The Sitter was last weekend. Some people are just f**kin idiots. Avoid and go see something worthwhile for jasus sake.

    Posted 18:59 | Fri 27th Jan 2012
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    Saw the trailer today and THAT was too long. Poor Al Pacino must have been paid buckets of cash......

    Posted 02:25 | Sun 29th Jan 2012
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    When I saw the trailer a number of months ago I thought it was a joke. Nobody could something that s**t without a wink and a nudge, right? Adam, just stop. Now!

    Posted 13:34 | Mon 30th Jan 2012
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    Is this review a continuation of the post modern parody theory? "It's not only slopping, lazy writing." - highly unfortunate place of a typo! There's a few other sentences in there that make little to no sense... Slopping, lazy editing.

    Posted 14:14 | Tue 7th Feb 2012
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    adam sandler is the best thing that ever happened to comedy. i have around 300 comedy dvds his are the best. i know your type a lonely fat guy with nothing better to do than b**ch about adam sandler. want some advice move out of your moms house buy a suit and get busy. what have you got to say about that Gavin Burke.

    Posted 13:26 | Thu 9th Feb 2012
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    @Jamie would you get a life for god sake. Anybody with a brain knows that Adam Sandler is a disgrace to movie making. The fact you think he is the best says more about you. Things like you are easily amused, unintelligent, lack ambition and curiosity. 300 comedy dvds (which is the lowest quality genre) says you are boring and afraid to try new things. You dont like to be challenged and regard s**te as acceptable. You are the moron in the cinema that annoys everybody by laughing at stupid things that wouldnt make a hyena laugh. Grow up.

    Posted 16:41 | Fri 10th Feb 2012
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    Fantastic film, thank you jamie for your review of the film, it is a typical Adam Sandler movie, it was what wansent said,the man is a genious.. It is great to read reviews of films, it gives you a flavour of what people thought, and not what we think of each other, its great to see so many people are unique, thanks Jamie, good review

    Posted 19:00 | Sun 12th Feb 2012
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    I take it that Jamie and AngryBruce are the same person? Anyone who likes this movie should be deemed mentally incapable.

    Posted 12:10 | Wed 15th Feb 2012
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    Ha...how can people get so annoyed with each other over a film...thanks for the laugh!

    Posted 17:41 | Thu 16th Feb 2012
  • View Profile for AngryBruceAngryBruce

    Im so angry, I need somewhere to spew my psycho drivel. Is this not a place where reviwers can review,, reviewrs. Its not, is it?. Its for reviewing movies you have gone to our are thinking about going to, , that's it. Im out of here Im... going to find out where Ted29 hangs out.. Im so angry

    Posted 20:02 | Sat 18th Feb 2012

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