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    I am Not to going to see this movie and for one reason only .Tome cruise is an idiot who gave up his family for scientology lunacy

    Posted 23:53 | Sat 29th Dec 2012
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    If you can get past all the apparent baggage that comes with a Tom Cruise movie these days and manage to go see this I think you will be plesantly suprised. The story and pacing are excellent,no suprises there cosidering it is based on a successful series of novels.However ,it is the symbiotic relationship between Director, McQuarrie and his star Cruise that ensures this movie just feels a little special .It is nice to finally see a movie that knows exactly what it is ,a homage to the gritty 70s cop thillers ,with a little Dirty Harry Callaghan thrown in for good measure. I urge you to go see it.

    Posted 10:50 | Tue 1st Jan 2013
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    Jack Reacher was brilliant . A very enjoyable action filled film .Tom Cruise was amazing in it.

    Posted 14:26 | Sun 13th Jan 2013
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    By far the worst crap in this genre that has been made in years. I loved Cruise in Collateral, he was brilliant and in Minority Report and ace in Tropic Thunder and born for MI, but he is terrible in this, he's not even trying, he doesn't care and quite soon into the movie thanks to the terrible supporting cast, dire directing you'll not care to much either. **it. Truly awful. 0/10

    Posted 09:54 | Thu 11th Apr 2013
  • View Profile for Mr.TMr.T

    very worrying that entertainment .ie gives this C movie four stars......was the evostik container left open perchance?

    Posted 13:28 | Thu 11th Apr 2013

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