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    I am Tony Stark. I really enjoy my job of looking great in an excellent reinforced steel suit. Recently my girlfriend has been bored with her enjoyable job of being a frail appendage to my narcissistic ego. Luckily there are other megalomaniacs out there who really want to take the limelight from me. They too have interesting outfits and like to sound portentous. I of course am perenially in the right, so even though I might have a battle on my hands, those other guys are lunatics, and bent on world destruction, so my way of keeping my image and keeping the world just the way I like it is to kill the baddies. I am Tony Stark. I am cool. I am Iron man

    Posted 11:16 | Wed 24th Apr 2013
  • View Profile for NigelNigel

    I'm really looking forward to this one. Will be a nice way to start the Summer blockbuster season.

    Posted 13:25 | Wed 24th Apr 2013
  • View Profile for Dara elaine SheelanDara elaine Sheelan

    looks good. cant wait to see it

    Posted 21:24 | Thu 25th Apr 2013
  • View Profile for jack brownjack brown

    This is definitely the WORSE episode of Iron man , The aim was to make a quick buck , the script was lazy and very implausible , the acting was not great and zombies were a joke . It is NOT a good movie , even though I don't like Tom cruise , oblivion is a much better movie , 3 stars at best here and I am being generous

    Posted 18:56 | Sat 27th Apr 2013
  • View Profile for The ViewerThe Viewer

    I saw this in 3D Imax, so I got to see how really awful it was. I at least expected to be wow weed with some great special effects. Instead I felt it was as impressive as an episode of Bosco, except that Bosco is more intellectually challenging. I find scenes where the bad guy gets an unmerciful flaking and we all think he is dead but he pops up again really tedious. Those 3D glasses are a torture to wear as well, I was cross eyed when I took them off and stumbled out of the cinema. These mainstream Hollywood movies have more resources than true creativity to deal with. The review above says this cost $200 million, that 66% of Croke Park II. (I think I might see Pilgrim Hill after all.)

    Posted 00:09 | Sun 28th Apr 2013
  • View Profile for DoubleLetterDoubleLetter

    So much fun. A great piece of escapism. Very funny too. Would be more suited to a Christmas release though, was it pushed back?

    Posted 20:48 | Mon 29th Apr 2013
  • View Profile for mikecoughlanmikecoughlan

    The best Iron Man by far. It has all the usual excitement and humour that you would expect from Iron Man, but this time around you also have a great story, which is what I think is going to make this a block buster.

    Posted 18:05 | Mon 6th May 2013
  • View Profile for johnjohn

    This is absolute drivel. I loved the first Iron Man movie,not so crazy about the second-but this is a complete waste of time. Its lazy,crass, and written with a complete disregard for the mythos of the Marvel comics. To treat The Mandarin -a major villain in the comics- this way is a disgrace. The story line is sloppily put together. Things are touched on ,such as Tony s panic attacks, but never properly followed up. The final showdown is vapid,noisy and at times even confusing. Bring back Jon Favreau as director for the inevitable reboot.

    Posted 20:18 | Wed 8th May 2013
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    Posted 12:50 | Thu 9th May 2013
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    Posted 12:50 | Thu 9th May 2013
  • View Profile for movielovermovielover

    I dont care what any of you say, I thought this was brilliant. The fact that the baddie breaths fire is a little crazy but keep in mind that your watching a film about a flying IRON MAN!!

    Posted 12:40 | Sat 11th May 2013
  • View Profile for Spidey2Spidey2

    SPOILER ALLERT,,,,, After the mediocre Iron Man 2 i was expecting a really good return to form,what i got from Shane Black is a better film tan Iron man 2 by far,the whole interaction with the kid worked very well,showed heart.As an action film it was great fun,my complaint is The Mandarin???either Shane Black has another card to play in Avengers 2/Iron Man 4 or he totally treated the Mandarin with total disrespect...Mandarin is one of the best Marvel Villians,please give him respect he deserves. otherwise dont use him at all

    Posted 23:31 | Wed 15th May 2013
  • View Profile for ZachZach

    Loved it thought it was a great film wasn't expecting it to be anywhere near as good as it actually was and was also very funny too. Would recommend people who haven't seen it yet to go see it.

    Posted 14:03 | Mon 27th May 2013
  • View Profile for Mark JonesMark Jones

    A great action film Robert Downey very quirky looking forward to iron man 4. Highly recmonded.

    Posted 21:03 | Fri 7th Jun 2013
  • View Profile for critical masscritical mass

    For me , it's the worst of the three movies. Way too much CGI explosions and action that we don't really get a clear view of. OK! I still enjoyed it but compared to the first Iron man film it was only OK. All a bit too hectic for me. When will the movie makers realise that loads of 'blowing s**t up' is no replacement for well made action that is watchable. CGI doesn't always have to 'wreck yer head'. See 'Avatar' if you want to know how it can be done well.

    Posted 21:19 | Tue 18th Jun 2013

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