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I Give It A Year

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    A disappointing attempt to reverse-engineer the Working Title romcom. I barely laughed - and a great line from the trailer is missing in the final film too. It looks like the editor forgot to put the humour into it.

    Posted 16:43 | Sat 9th Feb 2013
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    not to sure what movie you are reviewing Mr Cashin but it cannot be that absolute drivel I sat three quarters through, it was the worse movie by a long shot this year albeit were halfway through February, I cannot see it been beaten out of the top 5 for the rest of 2013, Steve Merchant was reasonably funny 5 years ago but when your humour doesn't change in that length you become predictable and not funny.The heavy hitters (ish) that were introduced could do nothing to save this movie from becoming a complete failure,its a failure of biblical proportions and where you got three stars from I will never know.. no stars is the correct score... to all cinema fans out there , save your money...

    Posted 19:23 | Tue 12th Feb 2013
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    This film is a little bit all over the place like they changed their minds with the story (Re-write) or edited it unevenly etc. About 5 mins in, I pretty much gave up on the storyline and luxuriated in the set pieces. Stephen Merchant (Extras) is hilarious in pretty much every scene he is in and earns this film a star for his efforts. Anna Faris is quite good here, the threesome scene on its own is worth a star....but whats going on with her lips (Trout Pout!!). Rose Byrne is gorgeous, but yes.. you would eventually leave her or strangle her... if you were married to her. The rest of the cast here were pretty awful with the exception of the ghastly Mother--in-law character played by Jane Asher. Spolier Alert : The ending of this film is a mess. Maybe one of the worst I have ever seen in any movie. 2.5 Stars

    Posted 19:18 | Tue 19th Feb 2013

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