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    Kevin Space & Collin Ferrel were a**holes par excel lance and funny . Jennifer Aniston very sexy. I didn't realize it was her at first. THE NEGATIVES: Unnecessarily juvenile, it was like a cub scout sleep over where they get into daddies liqueur cabinet & say $*() every chance they get because they can. With more subtlety & brains, it could have been real good but they blew it. They had a few real stupid scenes which embarrassed me of all people. For example, when one of the men was in the bosses bathroom and did certain things with his toothbrush . Thinking about it, I'm surprised Aniston and Spacey have the green light to these scenes. I'm pretty sure they knew the director was ruining the film by being out right dumb. If Spacey directed this film, it could have been a comedy version of AMERICAN BEAUTY .

    Posted 11:37 | Sat 9th Jul 2011
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    Good, solid comedy. Bit crap towards the end, but good fun for the most part

    Posted 15:12 | Fri 22nd Jul 2011
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    Irritating and mostly unfunny - too predictable and tries too hard. For the very easily amused 2/10

    Posted 12:49 | Mon 25th Jul 2011
  • View Profile for ellegibbonsellegibbons

    Absolutely terrible movie, dont believe the hype - very good advertising - movie fails to deliver

    Posted 14:41 | Mon 25th Jul 2011
  • View Profile for Happy ChappyHappy Chappy

    trailers were good though....

    Posted 14:59 | Thu 28th Jul 2011
  • View Profile for DervDerv

    Went to see this last night, it seemed to be missing something - there were a lot of really good elements in it but altogether the various strands didn't knit well together. I actually think I laughed the most at the out takes at the end, particularly Colin Farrell - great turn at being a coke head perve! I did love Jennifer Aniston, I thought she was hilarious and geniunely filthy and I think this was largely because it was Jennifer Aniston, any other actress might have not pulled quite the shock factor - though every time I did see her I did have to stop myself from saying "What a b**ch!" really loudly she's just too amazing! Not a brilliant movie but it passed the time - prob best to wait 'til the DVD comes out.

    Posted 17:37 | Thu 28th Jul 2011
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    I really enjoyed this movie. Wasn't in great humour going in and was much happier leaving. Made me laugh out loud and quite a few occasions. Love Jason Bateman and his understated acting. Really enjoyed Charlie Days character. Enjoyable and easy to recommend.

    Posted 16:56 | Tue 2nd Aug 2011
  • View Profile for Bjorn264Bjorn264

    Tried to like it, but the fact is, it's just not funny. I didn't laugh once throughout.

    Posted 20:29 | Tue 2nd Aug 2011
  • View Profile for caragtcaragt

    I was really looking forward to this movie; the trailers were hilarious and a great ensemble cast. Sadly it just didn't come together. It never really managed those raucous laugh-out-loud moments that the likes of Bridesmaids did so well. I also found Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis to be miscast, their characters were just a little unconvincing, while Colin Farrell was definitely under-used. I think it suffers from being released after Bridesmaids and The Guard, both of which I found to be much funnier. Not a terrible film, but it certainly didn't live up to the trailer.

    Posted 18:06 | Thu 4th Aug 2011
  • View Profile for the beatthe beat

    smashn show very funny! jennifer aniston xlent

    Posted 20:23 | Thu 4th Aug 2011
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    Half a dozen funny jokes and some trick cameos do not make a this movie anything other than a snooze fest from start to finish. Avoid

    Posted 22:02 | Mon 8th Aug 2011
  • View Profile for ellegibbonsellegibbons

    Terrible movie, the funniest parts were in the trailor, total dispointment!!

    Posted 14:56 | Tue 9th Aug 2011
  • View Profile for MaxBMaxB

    Ok, I was expecting this movie to be terrible but I have to say, it wasn't that bad. But, you do have to be in the mood for some silly laughs - which I was! Yes, the jokes are quite predictable and the plot is stupid and gets even more ridiculous as the film progresses. I will say that Colin Farrell was the highlight of the whole film and was incredibly funny! I haven't seen Hangover 2 (because I refuse to subject my brain and eyes to it, and for the record, did it really warrant a second movie? The first one wasn't even that good!), but if you want some silly laughs and childish humour I would say "Horrible Bosses" would be the better choice!

    Posted 15:32 | Tue 23rd Aug 2011

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