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    I quite liked this but the review does have some valid points. It was 4 stars for me.

    Posted 18:39 | Fri 6th May 2011
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    I on the other hand didn't like it it was drole and lacking a special twist to make it stand out to the bourne films so i would rate it a mere 2 stars

    Posted 22:36 | Sun 8th May 2011
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    I wasn't too fond of it. Didn't like the quirky aspects of it. Tom Hollander's character was a nothing character. The action scenes were decent but too few for my liking. All in all, a missed opportunity I reckon. **

    Posted 14:40 | Mon 9th May 2011
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    i didn't really like this film, the action was good but the story line was predictable and unexciting.I was waiting for a twist but none came. Saoirse Ronan did play a good assasin .I hope the follow up will be more thrilling.

    Posted 20:20 | Wed 11th May 2011
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    Psychotropic dysentery. Sucks from story to soundtrack - minus Kelvin rating

    Posted 19:25 | Sat 14th May 2011
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    Really thought that this film could have been filled with more action as the trailer seems to lend it to that genre! The soundtrack was ill placed and very distracting in some instances. The family are hilarious and I felt that we should have been told what became of them. Eric Bana was amazing in his role and more should have been made of him as Hanna's "father". Saoirse was believable as the quick, innocent assassin and I hope that her character will develop more if a sequel is made.

    Posted 12:45 | Mon 30th May 2011
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    Saoirse Ronan is brilliant in Hanna, watchable movie but I wouldnt spend the money going to see this film, when there is films such as Senna and X men to choose from

    Posted 08:39 | Thu 9th Jun 2011
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    This film was simply awful and required a suspension of disbelief that was just too great. Dozens of plotholes and a totally nutty storyline. Ronan is great as usual, but this movie is for those who dont like a challenge.

    Posted 10:50 | Mon 20th Jun 2011
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    I really liked the film. However, I think Hanna spent too much time with the family in the middle and it kinda drifted off for a bit and focused more on how unusual she was rather than her 'on the run'. Would have much preferred if she reached New York or something and maybe turned into a little bit like SALT... I still liked it tho and loved Blanchet playing the b**ch.

    Posted 19:31 | Mon 20th Jun 2011
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    I really love Saoirse Ronan and it was the main reason i had to watch this film. The film was good but the ending was dissapointing and it lacked something. the idea was good, but its full potential was not met AT ALL imo. the soundtrack by the chemical brothers carried it for me, and its an OST i will buy on CD, but the film? not sure.....

    Posted 19:56 | Mon 4th Jul 2011
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    Now this was a 4 star movie. The soundtrack works perfectly with the odd tone of the movie. The locations are well thought out and add to the strangely skewed plot. It remains unclear enough to allow the viewer some interpretation. It's refreshing to see something a bit different in the mainstream, without the need compare to Bourne, let alone ape it.

    Posted 23:11 | Mon 15th Aug 2011
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    Also, Ronan and Blanchett look nothing alike.

    Posted 23:13 | Mon 15th Aug 2011

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