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    Thanks to we got free preview family tickets, Thanks guys. We all enjoyed the film and it kept our 2.5 year old entertained.

    Posted 22:07 | Sun 12th Dec 2010
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    I Really Enjoyed This Movie And Think It Is Entertaining For All Ages.

    Posted 21:43 | Mon 27th Dec 2010
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    perfect for familys black was funny

    Posted 22:43 | Sun 2nd Jan 2011
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    Woeful film. Unless you love jack black steer very clear.

    Posted 21:22 | Fri 14th Jan 2011
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    It was a great movie to while away a Sunday afternoon. I think maybe the problem is that it didn't have enough action, violence, swearing or sex for most people. It was a fun, upbeat, cheerful movie and I would recommend it to anyone!

    Posted 17:50 | Tue 18th Jan 2011

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