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    Fright Night a remake of the 1985 Horror, starring this time Colin Farrell (Coddle Farddle), Anton Yelchin, David Tennant and Toni Colette. This film, to me, was Disturbia with teeth. A teenage lad's obsession with a neighbour he knows is up to no good. This time the neighbourino is a vampire, no less. We saw the 3D version, which I found very dark but the lads seemed to love. Fright Night really didn't try too hard and that's why I liked it, switching quickly from laugh out loud to genuinely frightening. I'm convinced that had anybody else attempted the role of Coddle they would come off as Ham, maybe Ham & Cheese but Mr Farrell just made it work. He commanded the screen with comic timing and micro expressions of the seasoned Hollywood actor he has become. Christopher Mintz Plasse also making an appearance, still riding high on his role as Red Mist in Kick Ass, this kid is naturally funny and proves as much, once more, on this outing. David Tennant as the Las Vegas magician and self confessed vampire killer appeared at first as an homage to Russell Brand but quickly came into his hilarious own. All in all I'm not sure I would send you running out to see this one, while I genuinely enjoyed it I might suggest waiting for the DVD. The Lads disagree entirely, according to them you need to see this with immediateness. If you fancy a cinema trip, you can't go far wrong with this one.

    Posted 01:43 | Sun 14th Aug 2011
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    "who steal every single seen their in" should be: "who steal every single scene they're in" just sayin

    Posted 14:33 | Fri 26th Aug 2011
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    I loved this remake! It stands up to the original very well. Both are great films and this will become a cult classic like the original.

    Posted 14:42 | Tue 30th Aug 2011
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    Another week, another remake.

    Posted 01:27 | Thu 1st Sep 2011
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    Saw this last night thanks to this site. Loved it! A lot of fun. Farrell is great

    Posted 15:28 | Thu 1st Sep 2011
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    I approach remakes of classic horror films with a degree of caution. However, I try to give the remake a fair chance. In the case of the 2004 Dawn Of The Dead, I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. In the case of the 2011 Fright Night, it's a decent attempt to remake the 1985 classic - one of my favourite horror films. Colin Farrell was a smart choice to play Jerry and Imogen Poots continues to show great potential. However, I was disappointed with what was done with the Peter Vincent character. Perhaps the film-makers knew that they couldn't top Roddy McDowall's performance in the original, so they did a complete 180 on the character instead. The 3D is OK, but the frequent darkness of the film renders it a bit muted. All in all, worth watching but it won't be joining the original in my film collection.

    Posted 18:33 | Fri 2nd Sep 2011
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    An easy 1hr 40 mins or so nothing great nothing terrible, Farrell is ok Tennant steals the show, Great little cameo from Chris Sarandon, dont bother with the 3D as its another conversion, all in all not bad.

    Posted 02:39 | Sat 3rd Sep 2011
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    It was ok and a bit of a laugh at times. Colin Farrell was a bit rubbish but thought David Tennant worked well.

    Posted 12:32 | Sun 4th Sep 2011
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    3D ruined it for me, Farrell proves he is a versatile actor.. the darkness of film was frustrating and in places veeeery slow, Tennant class... all in all 3 stars and an afternoon cinema flick, if its raining.

    Posted 14:45 | Wed 7th Sep 2011

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