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    Ha I just asked my 8-year-old, Tim Burton obsessed sister which of the three movies she would pick, and straight away it was Frankenweenie :)

    Posted 22:45 | Fri 12th Oct 2012
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    Ahhhh cant wait for this movie. Would you believe ive never been brave enough to watch Caroline, a workmate said it was really sad :( but it is a Tim Burton so ill have to just suck it up and bring the tissue :) Think Frankenweenie might be worth a late night cinema visit, how cute.

    Posted 01:21 | Wed 17th Oct 2012
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    but the movie kind of funny lol

    Posted 02:09 | Mon 22nd Oct 2012
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    I still remember seeing the original short back when I was 8. They ran it before The Neverending Story and the same kid was the lead in both of them. I think kids will love the gore and the weirdness.

    Posted 12:50 | Tue 23rd Oct 2012

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