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    Gripping start and a decent ending sandwich a dragged out centre section. But overall a decent movie where Denzel does what he does even if it is all a bit overlong.

    Posted 09:32 | Mon 28th Jan 2013
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    I thought this was terrible. Contrived characters and plot. Unlikeable characters. Absolutely mind-numbingly boring middle. Denzel plays yet the same character again (possibly the most over-rated acter of our time - same delivery of lines no matter what character he plays). Avoid this - If your interested, wait till the DVD/Netflix...

    Posted 20:54 | Tue 29th Jan 2013
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    I really liked this film - the first act is gripping and the remaining two acts are all about a man's acceptance of his alcoholism. It's a strong character-driven story and is a welcome return to live action for Robert Zemeckis.

    Posted 14:18 | Sat 2nd Feb 2013
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    It says 12a on this website, so I brought my wife and 12 year old daughter, needless to say it was 15a and we had to leave after the first few scenes of tits and vaginas and porn references and drug taking. So whoever is responsible for this error please cop on and do your job properly.

    Posted 15:36 | Mon 4th Feb 2013
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    ^ It has the IFCO rating shown before the film starts in every cinema, it's legally obliged, so you would of seen that before the film? Also, at 12 (and being with her parents), she is legally allowed watch a 15a. YOU are her parent, therefore the onus is YOU to research the background to films YOU are bringing her to. Enough of this blame culture.

    Posted 16:40 | Mon 4th Feb 2013
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    Thought this was a little dragged out but well worth the watch

    Posted 17:06 | Mon 4th Feb 2013
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    After the crash scene a depressing roll downhill but Denzels acting ameliorates & I agree with Linda

    Posted 10:53 | Tue 5th Feb 2013
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    First part of movie is great , then it gets a bit slow, but Denzel is great in it. Doubleletter: no need to be so harsh!

    Posted 14:04 | Thu 7th Feb 2013
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    Sorry if I was harsh, but I have worked in a cinema and let me tell you, it gets so irritating with parents giving out about a scene in a movie to the staff. They're the parents.

    Posted 19:02 | Thu 7th Feb 2013
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    Parents don't have the ability to see into the future doubleletter, you see they don't know what is going to happen in the film, this is the beauty of a movie , not known what happens next. I'd say you got fired for being too well educated.It is so nice to hear such "common sense".

    Posted 19:43 | Thu 7th Feb 2013
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    About time a real movie for adults came to our screens. Brilliantly put together and patiently laid out for true lovers of film. Has all the ingredients I need to give it a 10/10. DW is perfect for this character, nothing really new from him, but perfectly casted in this role. Faultless in my opinion.

    Posted 15:22 | Fri 8th Feb 2013
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    Shockingly awful movie to sit through. Boring, contrived, pointless. Just watch the plane crash (which is admittedly brilliant) and turn it off. You've seen the best part!

    Posted 16:52 | Mon 18th Feb 2013

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