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    Man has premonition, flips out and a few people leave, accident happens, death hunts them down, they find a way to outsmart death, they think they have won then BAM!, death kills them. Its the same plot for every movie

    Posted 23:11 | Sun 26th Jun 2011
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    Saw it 4 times, not sure if I need to see it a fifth.

    Posted 13:16 | Fri 12th Aug 2011
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    No mystery screening could have topped Drive from day one Still there were several gasps and a couple of claps when the titles for Final Destination 5 rolled. The boys punching the air and me thinking 'Really?'. If you've seen any of the previous 4 instalments you'll know how this goes, an attractive group of peeps escape disaster and death based on the hunch of one but 'death doesn't like to be cheated' and the following hour and a half sees them picked off in increasingly more horrific and gorified ways. From the outset this was tongue in cheek horror and the viral released before the movie shows you that was very much intentional. I have to admit this was some of the best 3D I've seen so far, literally In. Your. Face gore. Chocked full of big fat red herrings so that you never see the manner of horrific death coming. The entire movie is tense, edge of your seat stuff. FD5 was a huge hit with the audience, laughing right the way through with sudden shouts of 'Nooo' or hands up to faces just in time. I wouldn't have brought the lads to see this by choice but they adored it. Men. My attention was drawn to one character though Miles Fisher, I was convinced he was a Franco, no wait Tom Cruise, hang on, Christian Bale? He's big online for his impression of Tom Cruise for the Superhero Movie and was the brain behind the viral above. My advice? If Final Destination is your bag? Get to the cinema for this one, it's the best instalment of the 5 and has 3D that has to be seen to be believed, just go easy on the nachos beforehand.

    Posted 23:39 | Mon 15th Aug 2011
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    I wasn't expecting much from this fourth sequel (the same basic plot structure is repeated again and again), but it turned out to be quite enjoyable. As the director gives you clues, it's fun trying to second guess how everyone is going to die. I recently became disillusioned with 3D, given the glut of muddy, cruddy conversions that were being churned out of Hollywood. Thankfully, Final Destination 5 milks the 3D for every cent and it works a treat. If this is the end of the franchise, then it certainly goes out with a bang.

    Posted 20:22 | Fri 26th Aug 2011

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