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    i saw a preview of end of watch with my girlfriend ,although the two main characters and the supporting cast work very well together,the story just ends with no resolve. the film itself is funny in parts but on the whole it just left me wondering what was happening. the movie got 5 stars in the states but i was just wondering what the yanks saw in this movie that i didn't ,i would give it 2 stars

    Posted 10:02 | Sun 25th Nov 2012
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    Worth seeing, if only for the excellent interplay between Gyllenhaal and Pena. The plot device of the 'found footage' is not really used as much as in the likes of 'Blair Witch' or 'Paranormal Activity' so the questions of 'how and why' are not really as relevant. Some excellent action set-pieces, humour and direction by Ayer.

    Posted 18:57 | Mon 26th Nov 2012
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    I would give this 2/5 stars. I am really tired of hand-held camera films - especially those that explain who is filming (Gyllenhaal's character is apparently majoring in Film at college and is making a movie using a hand-held camera & hidden camera on his shirt) but then we get aerial shots, scenes following the "gangsters" in their car (who was filming them, where did they get the footage?) etc. Its just unexplained and pointless - why don't they just make it a traditional movie? Also, I find the "gangsters" so contrived and silly really. They reminded me of the bad kids in school in movies like Gangsters Paradise et al. I also hated the pace of the film. There were so many unnecessary (for me) moments such as Gyllenhaals wedding (with a girl who looks too young for him and who he only started dating). *SPOILER* - How the hell did Gyllenhaal survive. Ridiculous.

    Posted 15:11 | Wed 28th Nov 2012
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    Interesting in parts but overall boreing with no real ending, 2 stars at best.

    Posted 11:27 | Wed 12th Dec 2012

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