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    Is Audrey Tautou the French Sandra Bullock? Given her recent output, you wouldn't be too wrong. The gamine star of Amelie is very talented but sometimes the material she works with feels beneath her talent. Delicacy just about manages to keep up with her. It's a sweet-natured and wryly amusing workplace romcom, but with a touch of tragedy too. Tautou is in typically quirky mode as a woman whose husband suddenly dies. Still in mourning three years later, she thinks it impossible that she could connect with another man. Then along comes lumbering Swede Markus, who looks a lot like Richard Dreyfuss. Their unlikely but tender romance blossoms, much to the surprise of everyone else... Delicacy isn't as memorable as that landmark of French cinema Amelie, but there's enough humour and warmth in the characters to make you care about them. Worth a look.

    Posted 19:46 | Sun 15th Apr 2012

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