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Dark Skies

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  • View Profile for Keolalani NAKeolalani NA

    This movie is ridiculous & anything but authentic. I've had the experience & credibly researched for 5 years w/leading researchers & abductees. This film is exploitive horror fiction that should NOT be rated PG13. It is a cheap B grade movie designed to simply fear-monger. Save your $

    Posted 11:35 | Sun 24th Feb 2013
  • View Profile for Dylan O 'flynnDylan O 'flynn

    Keolalani NA is wrong good movie and you will not regret seeing it

    Posted 15:08 | Sun 31st Mar 2013
  • View Profile for Dylan O 'flynnDylan O 'flynn

    Keolalani NA is wrong good movie and you will not regret seeing it

    Posted 15:09 | Sun 31st Mar 2013
  • View Profile for darren fitzroydarren fitzroy

    great movie well wort going to see

    Posted 01:48 | Thu 4th Apr 2013
  • View Profile for mikecoughlanmikecoughlan

    I really do not like horror movies at all, so I was happy that this film was a change from the usual shock-horror genre, where you might as well be connected to a machine that gives you a fright every ten minutes. In contrast Dark Skies has a interesting stand alone story, and when the frights do come they have some rhyme and reason to them. The story is based around a normal family caught up in sometime extraordinary, and even if the whole thing is far fetched, it still holds your attention to the end. I enjoyed it.

    Posted 13:29 | Sun 7th Apr 2013
  • View Profile for Gerry DoddGerry Dodd

    I enjoyed it for what it was; however because I am a fan of horror movies (or Si-fi thriller if you like) I found it ialmost impossile to ignore the ridiculous comparison to movies of the last 5 years, sinister, Insidious, The Ring, etc. The story had potential, with at least two scares worth remembering. The movie just fell flat in the second half. All in all, I was quite dissapointed as I was looking forward to this one.

    Posted 16:24 | Sun 14th Apr 2013

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