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    I've seen the trailer to this mess and not to prejudge to quickly here, but it seems that if you propose even the craziest crap in Hollywood these days, even as a dare, some ejit will bank roll your puked up idea. I mean, they must have bon fires in Hollywood for just burning money. It's hard to understand how anyone could be duped into watching this. Or is it?

    Posted 12:27 | Fri 29th Apr 2011
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    I think its been done was a brilliant show called Firefly..anyone remember that?!

    Posted 13:40 | Mon 16th May 2011
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    I think its a clever enough idea to do this film. In fairness the concept of aliens can't be categorised to modern day. Look at transformers 2, Indiana Jones (Crystal Skull) & the Stargate movie. They were based on ancient times with aliens. Granted Indiana was crap but the rest worked. I'm actually looking forward to this one.

    Posted 16:36 | Mon 6th Jun 2011
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    Nice interview with Mr Ford. A tough guy to get excited about anything I'd say!

    Posted 15:41 | Fri 12th Aug 2011
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    @Marie t. I love Firefly. So fantastic. I'm not sure I like the strong silent type, I do think Downey Jr would have made this more of a must-see, but I'm going to see it at Moviefest in Cineworld this weekend anyway, and looking forward to it.

    Posted 15:50 | Fri 12th Aug 2011
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    I think firefly was brilliant too. really just a western in space. If hollywood really has money to burn, they should make a sequel for this.

    Posted 16:32 | Fri 12th Aug 2011
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    I quite enjoyed this. It had the potential to be another Wild Wild West, but the dark, hard-edged tone is established from the opening scene. It's fully deserving of its 15A cert, which means that it's not some silly kids movie. A few throwaway laughs would have been nice though. It's actually quite credible to some degree -who said aliens only started visiting Earth from 1947 onwards?

    Posted 21:51 | Wed 17th Aug 2011
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    Summer Blockbuster of the year by a long way, yes its got flaws, yes it would have been interesting to see Downey instead of the awful Craig. Firefly was amazing, for those who have not seen it do and be impressed and also check out the just as cool movie Serenity. Cowboys and Aliens well worth a look, no badly cgi-ed Apes/monkeys, no twee little kiddies, no silly super heroes and no robots loved up on mankind.

    Posted 01:18 | Thu 18th Aug 2011
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    Grammatical errors abound in the above article. Who proofs these things? Tut.

    Posted 19:56 | Fri 19th Aug 2011
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    There is a good (much shorter) movie trying to escape from Cowboy & Aliens. Once its gets going its a good action flick with decent set pieces. Loosing half an hour and the need to include the full list of Western cliches and it'd be a lot tigher more gripping film.

    Posted 00:35 | Tue 23rd Aug 2011
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    I was really looking forward to this movie but I have to say I was a bit disappointed. You would think that the combination of Cowboys and Aliens would be really exciting but it wasn't that great, dare I say, boring in parts. I did get to a stage where I wanted it to hurry up and end and the only thing that kept me awake was the loud gun-shots and explosions. It dragged on a bit in parts, like the flashbacks and just other scenes that felt unnecessary. I don't know what it was, I just thought a lot more action could have been packed into the movie and more interesting dialogue. On a good note, the CGI was really good and not laughable like most movies these days and some good acting on Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford's part. It is worth a watch, but as the person above me said, "There is a good (much shorter) movie trying to escape.."

    Posted 15:18 | Tue 23rd Aug 2011
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    i agree as a fan of firefly and nathan fillion this kinda thing has been done, but saying that i have seen this film and have to admit i quite enjoyed it, daniel craig was great in the role, and even harrison ford's character i found funny, all in all not a bad show, if you like daniel craig and a film that gives action from start to finish it's well worth a look.

    Posted 15:19 | Tue 23rd Aug 2011

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