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    My biggest problem with the movie probably comes down to the source material (the book). I thought the idea was really good but poorly portrayed. The trailer for the film depicted the idea better than the actual film i.e. it came across as if all of the stories through time we're linked with one another (Tom Hanks walking into his office, seeing Halle Berry and saying "I can't describe it, but I knew you the minute I walked into that office" etc.) but when you watch the actual film, none of the individual stories actually link together (bar that scene I mentioned and one other one when Berry walks into the Record Store and hears Cloud Atlas being played and knows it). I thought idividually the stories were fantastic and would of made great individual films (or episodes if they made it a TV show). I think Cloud Atlas' biggest flaw is that the stories don't interlink enough. Had they not used the same actors I wouldn't have noticed any link at all it would have just been several stories mixed together. My favourite individual story was the Chinese girls in the future but have NO IDEA why she appears in a video in the space-ship in Tom Hanks cannibilistic future? Its as if they just put her there to be like "Look, see, they're interlinked... get it?" But there needs to be a REASON why they're linked or else your left with, what is, Cloud Atlas.

    Posted 12:38 | Thu 21st Feb 2013
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    A very curious film indeed. It veered back and forth from an overblown mess to a work of pure genius. I didn't like it at first, but once I settled into the timeframe structure I started to enjoy it. I'm still conflicted about it though.

    Posted 11:50 | Sat 23rd Feb 2013
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    Can't reccomend this movie enough. That said I loved the book, and thought they did a great job of filming the unfilmable . There's a lot going on in it, there's layers upon layers , with connections (some obvious, some more subtle) that can be easy to missed when reading 6 seperate stories, but on film even more so. Its not going to be for everyone, but if you enjoying seeing a movie that challenges you to keep up, that makes you think, that has you discussing it and trying and work it our afterwards, and possibly/probably going to see it a second time, you'll enjoy this :)

    Posted 18:06 | Sat 23rd Feb 2013
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    Epic. Well worth seeing. Visually stunning; funny; and best of all. brave, innovative film-making. Hanks' Irish accent (and ensuing violent scene) is probably worth the price of admission alone.

    Posted 00:26 | Mon 25th Feb 2013
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    weird movie , can't make heads or tails parts of movie but definitely worth a watch

    Posted 21:55 | Sun 3rd Mar 2013
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    Odd. Eccentric. Brilliant. Blew my mind.

    Posted 20:22 | Sun 10th Mar 2013

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