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    What a steaming pile of garbage! Ben Affleck should be ashamed of this trash. But I guess he is a true believer that unless an American did it, it never happened. I hear he's working on an epic film about an American growing up in ancient Rome and conquering the known work. The working title is Justin Beaver - Emperor of Rome! Go home Ben, take a valium and lay down in a dark room until your delusions of adequacy pass! Oh, and yes I am a deeply offended Canadian!

    Posted 20:30 | Fri 12th Oct 2012
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    Tell us what ya really think Gumpy

    Posted 01:15 | Tue 16th Oct 2012
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    Another idiot in Canada----other Canadians who are mostly very nice and intelligent will also tell you to: Shut the Front Door !!

    Posted 00:25 | Sat 20th Oct 2012
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    I think someone's Mommy didn't breat feed him when he was a baby. Can you say grumpy?

    Posted 00:43 | Sat 20th Oct 2012
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    Hey Gumpy Prewitt Did you get "breat" fed?

    Posted 14:39 | Sat 20th Oct 2012
  • View Profile for ShutTheFrontDoorShutTheFrontDoor

    Hey Gumpy Prewitt Did you get "breat" fed?

    Posted 14:40 | Sat 20th Oct 2012
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    It is nicer to see a movie based on true story than some one's imagination

    Posted 09:01 | Thu 8th Nov 2012
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    in fairness, those of us who don't live in America can get a bit peeved at the whole "greatest American hero" plot that runs through most movies coming from America (there's your reason straight off :-) ). Who doesn't watch Superman 2 and cringe at the end when he puts the stars and stripes back on the Whitehouse, Americans must surely give a shudder at this as well. Anyway haven't seen the movie yet..will reserve judgement till then. But pull no punches and for that you should be applauded.

    Posted 12:39 | Fri 9th Nov 2012
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    Best beard ever (and the movie damn good too).

    Posted 15:38 | Fri 9th Nov 2012
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    Excellent, well worth watching.

    Posted 19:10 | Fri 9th Nov 2012
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    Seeing as the Iranian Hostage Crisis was one of the major political stories of the last thirty years, it is surprising that this is the first feature film about this event, As the world looks on at the ongoing Iranian nuclear crisis and rumours persist that the currant Iranian President was involved to some degree in the Hostage Crisis when he was a student, the timing for this film could not have being better. Ben Alffeck deserves huge credit for directing this film. His sense of cinematography is outstanding which enables him to land the viewer in Iran where everything is so raw and just so real. The sense of fear which he is able to build up throughout the film as the hostages try to escape is palatable, and you are so drawn into it, that you feel as if you are one of the group trying to get your story right, so you will be able to make it to safety. Hard to believe that it is a true story but all the better for it. Great film .

    Posted 10:54 | Sat 10th Nov 2012
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    Its Alan Arkin not Alan Alda who is in this film.

    Posted 17:59 | Sun 11th Nov 2012
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    Haven't seen the movie yet so I can't comment BUT it just looks like more american propaganda to me

    Posted 17:41 | Wed 14th Nov 2012
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    The film is unbelievably good! Great even. The best thing I've seen since "Headhunters", and that was early in the year.

    Posted 10:30 | Thu 15th Nov 2012
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    Excellent movie ,a true story greatly made into a movie was impressed

    Posted 20:06 | Sat 17th Nov 2012
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    Excellent movie, I really enjoyed because it is based on real events. I would highly recommend.

    Posted 11:29 | Mon 19th Nov 2012
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    very enjoyable movie, was on the edge of my seat :-)

    Posted 16:39 | Mon 19th Nov 2012
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    SUCH a great film! I normally have reservations when I hear 'Oscar buzz' around a film, but this easily surpassed my expectations and I really hope it does get a few Oscars for its efforts. Ben Affleck's always been easy to make fun of, but he deserves every credit going - not just for this but for 'The Town' and 'Gone Baby Gone'. Fair play to him!

    Posted 13:10 | Wed 21st Nov 2012
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    i also tire of American propaganda films and have been turned off a few films like Black Hawk Down because of the impression they give of being of this genre BUT I actually really really loved this film. I think because it was based on real events I didn't mind that there was the America "saves" the day theme even though really it wasn't about that. The scenes of rioting and Tehran during the revolution were frightening and the suspense in the film was excellent. I do wonder how Iran is going to receive it though because although they were well and truly duped (I don't think it's a spoiler as we know they survived) they do look pretty stupid which being fanatical muslims (in a lot of cases) might add fuel to the fire. All in all, brilliant film and very surprised at Ben Affleck, not usually a fan but his wooden acting really suited the storyline!

    Posted 22:52 | Wed 21st Nov 2012
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    I enjoyed this a lot more than Skyfall. Whilst watching the history lesson at the start (showing how the actions of the US in supporting the Shah came back to bite them) sounds like a story that has been played out many times since. The tension and the action are well balanced. I don't think this was an america saves the day movie. This is not Delta Force. The film is so much more about the interaction between the characters and their reactions to the situations they find themselves in than the the political situation at the time. For getting these performances out of the cast Ben Affleck deserves a lot of credit. But then again the casting is excellent.

    Posted 01:37 | Tue 27th Nov 2012
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    Excellent film and the historical intro (referred to above) is very important for those who do not know the history of Iran in the 20th century. The taking of the hostages was a very understandable reaction - the people had overthrown a vicious dictator and the US had given him asylum. They wanted him extradited to face justice (which would, I admit, have been rough) and they were using the hostages to encourage them.

    Posted 17:34 | Sat 12th Jan 2013

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