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  • View Profile for Ger JGer J

    Those astronauts should've stayed at home; so should we!

    Posted 17:55 | Tue 6th Sep 2011
  • View Profile for hugnuthugnut

    What a load of moon dust !! " In space no one can hear you scream "...if that's true, the Clangers must be screaming their heads off with ....laughter !! Sorry, this should be confined to the crater !!

    Posted 16:28 | Thu 8th Sep 2011
  • View Profile for ellyshoeellyshoe

    I would have considered it better use of my 88 minutes, to sit and watch a movie about the mysteries of Uranus :P

    Posted 15:06 | Thu 15th Sep 2011
  • View Profile for tootalltootall

    It was just bad, i was hoping for a well written film for NASA,this film has got nothing on Apollo 13, i was kinda angry they did such a bad job,1 star for this and thats being nice

    Posted 20:57 | Wed 28th Sep 2011

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