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    A masterpiece. I saw it four days ago and can't stop thinking about it. Beautiful and heartbreaking. Never has a film been more aptly named.

    Posted 22:37 | Fri 23rd Nov 2012
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    Not as grim as I was lead to believe, but still not a date movie. The acting is superb, but ulitimately I found Amour to be disappointing.

    Posted 11:54 | Fri 28th Dec 2012
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    Best film of the last 12 months by far. But only if you are the type of movie fan that avoids Hollywood nonsense and Vin Diesal movies. The acting is beyond incredible and Rivas should have walked the oscar but her reward at 86 was the nomination. Its the best female lead ive ever seen. Stunning film that stays with you for days after.

    Posted 13:18 | Sun 3rd Mar 2013

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