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  • View Profile for Norman DostalNorman Dostal

    looks truly terrible-theres a reason no one has seen this yet. Will Smith has a lot of nerve creating crap and putting his talentless son in it-when it bombs, we'll hopefully not have to bear witness to offensive nepotism like this ever again

    Posted 23:20 | Wed 29th May 2013
  • View Profile for jack brownjack brown has this rated at %12 , very bad

    Posted 16:20 | Thu 6th Jun 2013
  • View Profile for Ayesha RossAyesha Ross

    I don't believe the reviews on this film. the critics knew that this film was set to be one of summers blockbusters and they didn't want to see that happen so they deliberately gave it bad reviews as to make sure the audience wouldn't want to or would not go to see it. Do to not wanting to waste money on a stinker. I saw the trailer and it looked amazing. I want to see it and i'm not gonna let any jealous critic or prudish critic stop me

    Posted 18:05 | Thu 6th Jun 2013
  • View Profile for BertautBertaut

    I got in to see this free. I felt ripped off. Appalling mess of a movie. Horribly acted, woofully scripted and poorly directed. The plot holes make Promethus look like Chinatown in terms of focused narrative drive. Will Smith wrote and produced this and then stuck his son in it despite the fact that Jaden Smith is nowhere near ready to carry this kind of project. It's Hollywood nepotism gone mad, and I am so glad it's tanked.

    Posted 01:52 | Fri 7th Jun 2013
  • View Profile for Dune dudeDune dude

    Absolutely awful. The usual dad-son bonding, son-wanting-to-be-like-his-dad stuff Americans are so fond of, with a pinch of US Army thrown in. The trailer had all the best bits, the rest of the film was the lad running through forests - pretty boring. Nice forests though! Unlike earlier M. Night Shyamalan productions where the twist is always at the end, here you knew exactly how the film would end within 5 minutes of it starting. I think even 12-year olds would find it too formulaic.

    Posted 20:53 | Fri 7th Jun 2013
  • View Profile for FilmBuff76FilmBuff76

    Join-the-dots filmmaking from a once-great director. M. Night Shyamalan should stop listening to other people (his kids, Will Smith) and make the kind of films he was once famous for. Otherwise, he could be in danger of disappearing...

    Posted 15:42 | Sat 8th Jun 2013
  • View Profile for FozzFozz

    Dunno about y'all but I am waiting for Ayesha Ross to come back with their review :)

    Posted 16:51 | Wed 12th Jun 2013
  • View Profile for pandabatpandabat

    Didn't think that The Happening was that bad to be honest. Lady In The Water easily one of the worst movies ever made though. This particular one looks like it is for 10 year olds. Might watch it on TV some Saturday evening in the distant future

    Posted 15:31 | Thu 13th Jun 2013
  • View Profile for Paul J ByrnePaul J Byrne

    Dear Will Smith, please stop pushing your son into things that he is SHOCKINGLY bad at & by the much did you waste on After Earth??...It's only 15mins in & it clearly fails in acting, direction, script, art dept, effects and so on...and WTF is up with the son's accent...neither of his parents sound like they are trying to keep a bad southern accent why does he...?? Yours sincerely A concerned citizen for the future of film making if this type of tripe keeps getting made, sold & distributed on the weight of ''star power'' as opposed to good writing,acting, direction, etc, etc

    Posted 22:58 | Sun 22nd Sep 2013

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